I will spend 35% of my time on this trip in my tent camping and 65% of my time staying in local hotels, guest houses and hostels.

Quite often I will be camped out in the bush or in the desert and other times I will use designated campsites with amenities. The majority of the bush camp locations are usually very scenic and the perfect spot is on the banks of a river, overlooking a canyon, behind a dune in the desert, etc. but sometimes I will just have to camp wherever I can find a spot.

I don’t think I will be sharing a tent with anyone, apart from maybe the local wildlife, so it’s a one man tent. Not sure the term ‘one man tent’ is politically correct anymore.

When I am not camping (usually in cities) I hopefully will use decent, clean budget hotels, guest houses and hostels, however, taking into consideration the sometimes unpredictable nature of this trip and the remoteness of some of the areas I visit,  in some circumstances I will just have to take what I get – good or bad. When staying in hotels/guest houses/hostels I can expect to share my room with other trip members of both sexes.

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