Day 154

Maeklong Train Market and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.


As you can see the stalls and produce are placed very close to the track in Maeklong Train Market, but the raised stalls can be easily retracted when the train passes as they are on wheels.


The Maeklong Train Market is a busy place with customers and tourists. From this photo you will note that the stalls also have awnings.


As the train approaches both the stalls and the awnings have to be retracted to allow it to pass through the market.


Breath in !




The train is so close as it passes you could use the shiny surface of the carriage as a mirror.


And there the train goes. People on the train glued to the windows to get a photo looking back down the market as stalls re-emerge at the side of the track.


Damnoen floating market.


Vendors on boats with smoke rising from fresh food cooking on an open grill.


Vendor waiting for some business with frying pan on a stove.


Fresh produce including different varieties of noodles in the foreground, with root vegetables and halved hard boiled eggs in front of the vendor.


Collection of pots, pans and plates in a small void on the landside of the floating market.


Floating market with fruits, vegetables and different items sold from small boats.


Jane and Lorna.


As you can see the floating market gets extremely congested.


Whilst you can buy from the floating market vendors landside, many visitors see buying from a boat whilst travelling in a boat as part of the experience of visiting the market hence the volume of boats on a narrow waterway.


Boat with a stove and pan, with market vendors ready to cook while you wait.


Market vendor rearranging her produce.


Happy vendor landside.


People eating at the side of the floating market.


Amongst the vendors at the side of the floating market was this small shrine which probably goes unnoticed by many visitors as they are focused on the market.


Female vendor with freshly grilled pork and chicken with satay sauce ready for purchase.


Moored longtail boat.


Quieter waterways away from the floating market lined with residential and commercial properties.


Hoklee Happy House – Cafe built on stilts above the water.


It’s hard to tell if there is a one way system in place, which side of the waterway you should be travelling on or perhaps it’s simply a free for all.


Plenty of traditional Thai longtail boats on the water.


Longtail outboard motor.


A quite waterway away from the bustle of the floating market.


House on stilts out of the water.


Pink and white adenium obesum desert rose.


A floating market vendor peeling a mango. Piles of mangos, carambolas and mangosteens can be seen on the boat in front of the vendor.


Bell and drum tower at Wat Chana Songkhram Temple.


Pink flower in a stone planter.


Entrance to Wat Chana Songkhram Temple.


Pagoda covering Buddha statues, incense burners and an ltar containing an imprint of a Buddha’s foot at Wat Chana Songkhram Temple.


Small shrine with niches which have been sealed and a granite photo tile of an individual placed on the front.


Buddha’s foot imprint on the altar at the temple. Devotees leave gold leaf as an offering on the imprint.


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