Day 88

Jiayuguan – The Great Wall of China.


Statue of General Feng Sheng at Jiayu Pass.


Mini-group selfie.


Spring Lake at Jiayuguan.


Very clear message on the sign, “Cherish life away from deep water”.


One of two gate towers.


One of two gate towers.


This is the Pass Tower that faces the Gobi Desert. Underneath is Gate of Jiayuguan Pass.


This man, in traditional Ming Dynasty attire, is acutally signing an ancient equivalent of a passport with a stamped visa to leave ancient China. The paper contains calligraphic writings stating that the bearer of the official paper has permission to leave China to 36 foreign lands. It’s a chargeable personalised souvenir, with many buying it to mark the start of their journey along the Silk Road.


A Bactrian camel.


Come on Julie take the photo, this is my best side.


Puckering up !


Cannon on Jiayuguan Fortress wall.


One of two gate towers.


Beautifully painted door in Jiayuguan Fortress.


Looking from Guanghua Tower gate towards Rouyuan Tower.


Re-enactment of Ming Dynasty guards marching through the fortress.


Re-enactment of Ming Dynasty guards marching through the fort.


Looking up at Rouyuan Tower.


Watchtower on the inner wall of Jiayuguan Fortress.


View out of the watchtower.


Jiayuguan Fortress gate towers. The one on the left is Guanghua Tower, with the other being Rouyuan Tower.


Selfie ! Like the hat ? Ming Dynasty Great Wall in the background.


The Ming Dynasty Great Wall goes from Jiayuguan in the west to Hushan in the east. So am I at the beginning or the end ?


Dragon decoration on the ridge line of the roof of the watchtower.


Spear armed Ming Dynasty guards re-enactment, with turrent on the fortress wall in the background.


Dao sword armed Ming Dynasty guards with shields re-enactment.


Ming Dynasty re-enactment.


Ming Dynasty guards re-enactment with spears.


Guan Dao sword armed Ming Dynasty guards re-enactment.


Ming Dynasty re-enactment.


General Youji Jiangjun (centre mannequin) in the War Strategy Hall.


Carved in stone, a member of the Ming Dynasty.


Small gate at Jiayuguan Fortress.


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