Day 141

On this trip I have had the privilege to see many incredible things whether created by nature or by man.

Today I went to see The Killing Fields and S21 in Cambodia.

Usually I upload pictures for you all to see and share my experiences however in respect to those affected by the atrocities I won’t be posting the ones I took today.


Lemon tea.


I ordered lemon tea and this is what turned up. Didn’t know what to do with it so had to ask. Squeeze the lemon in (yes it’s a green lemon) and then put what might be honey in it. Liptons lemon tea it is not !!! Still drinking it tho.


And lunch was lok lak with beef.


Very yummy.


Found a great gym.


Can you tell how happy I am ?!


Like a kid in a sweet shop me.


Onnit primal kettlebells as well.


Weight sled. Ah, heaven.


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