Day 174

Tropic of Capricorn.


Tropic of Capricorn monument.


Metal plate on the side of the monument with Earth’s geographical co-ordinates.


Will setting up the camera.


Group photo at the Tropic of Capricorn monument on Stuart Highway, 30Kms north of Alice Springs.


Group photo.


Group photo.


Bitter Springs and Mataranka Homestead Hot Spring.


Bitter Springs.


Hot thermal springs in Elsey National Park.


Natural hot springs amongst palm trees.


Crystal clear water looking very inviting.


Lovely setting surrounded by palm trees.


Someone swimming in the Mataranka River.


Mataranka River flanked by a variey of species of trees and reeds.


Mataranka River in Elsey National Park.


Devils Marbles.


Introduction to Mayijangu Walk in Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve.


Mayijangu Walk map.


Stone boulder formations in the sparse Australian outback.


Devils Marbles – rounded stone boulders.


The Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is 1802 hectares.


Jayne in front of a Devils Marble.


A Devils Marble formed by natural erosion and weathering next to a boulder beginning to show early signs of transitioning into rounded form.


The boulders are situated in a wide and shallow desert valley.


A row of Devils Marbles balancing on a ridge.


Piles of stone from marbles that have split and broken down by erosion and weathering over time.


Balancing boulders.


A formation of boulders in the distance with a typical outback landscape.


Reasonably flat reddish bedrock.


Me in front of a large Devils Marble.


Rounded granite boulder formed by erosion.


Granite boulders balanced on bedrock.


Massive boulders.


Erosion and weathering is causing this boulder to crack horizontally and vertically.


BBQ area in the conservation reserve with a couple of large Devils Marbles in the background.


A natural stone formation with clear blue sky backdrop.


Deep crack caused by erosion and weathering in a boulder.


Large boulder balancing on a smaller boulder.


The Devils Marbles are of great cultural and spiritual significance to the Aboriginal owners of the land.


A naturally split boulder in Devils Marbles Conservation Area.


A large Devils Marble.


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