Day 20

Today I visited Troy.


Replica of the Trojan Horse in Troy with me sticking me head out at the top.


Jane and I in the replica horse.


Not sure this horse can be measured in “hands high”.


Ancient Troy ruins.


Roman Odeon.


Roman Odeon.


Ramp entrance into the city of Troy.


Holy place of the ruins in the city of Troy.


Ruins in Troy.


Carved marble fragment from the Temple of Athena.


Dedication plaque on the original foundation stones belonging to Fortification Wall and Towers of Troy.


Trench in the ruins.


This is one of the very few parts of the wall surrounding Troy that remains.


Ruins in Troy.


Part of a column in the ruins.


More horsing around.


Will in the horse.


I also visited Ephesus.


Grand Theatre of Ephesus built into the hillside.


Grand Theatre of Ephesus.


Ruins of The Vedius Gymnasium with The Grand Theatre in the background.


Ancient ruins.


Ancient tombs.


Ancient tomb.



Grand Theatre of Ephesus.


Arcadian Street.


Window in the ruins.


Introduction to The Great Theatre.


These columns are where the stage house front would have been in the theatre.


Grand Theatre of Ephesus.


Grand Theatre of Ephesus.


Me in the Grand Theatre. I seem to have emptied the place.


Theatre stage flooring.


Looking across to the remains of a row of small shops.


Fountain of Pollio along the Marble Road at Ephesus.


Fountain of Pollio along the Marble Road at Ephesus.




Ancient Greek inscription engraved in stone.


The Library of Celsus.


Bull head engraved in stone.


Local resident. Not ancient or a ruin.


Ancient mosaic path in front of ruins of small shops in Ephesus.


Ruins of small shops.


The Temple of Hadrian Ephesus.


The Library of Celsus.


Ephesus Curetes Street.


Fig tree.


Stone carving of the Greek Goddess Nike.


Pair of engraved stone pillars.


Blossom time at Ephesus.


Tomb of Memmius in centre of photo.


Tomb of Memmius, Grandson of Sulla.


Ephesus Curetes Street.


Me in front of The Library of Celsus.


View looking back towards Ephesus Curetes Street.


Ceiling of The Library of Celsus.


Ceiling of The Library of Celsus.


Looking through the Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates.


Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates.


Introduction to the Harbour Gymnasium and the “Halls of Verulanus”.


Ancient building foundations.


Our camp site tonight.


Beautiful reflection of the sun on the water.


Fancy a swim or a paddle ?


Sun setting over the coast.


Camping amongst the Palm Trees. 


The “beast”.


Sun going down over the camp site as another day has quickly flown by and draws to a close.





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