Day 202

Brisbane central business district and botanical gardens.

Nice three hours walk around the city.


View through the security fencing on the Story Bridge of the city skyline.


The skyscrappers of the central business district as seen from the Story Bridge.


The shared space (foot and cycle) path across the Story Bridge that appears endless as it disappears into the distance.


View across the Brisbane River towards the central business district. The skyscrapper with the large 50 metre communication antenna atop is the mixed-use Riparian Plaza, from 2005 – 2006 the tallest building in Brisbane. The large tower on the right of the photo is the residential Soleil building, the tallest building in Brisbane from 2012 – 2014.


A cormonrant stretching its wings.


Cormorant on the banks of the River Brisbane.


View across the River Brisbane. The skyscrapper on the left is the Brisbane Skytower, at 887 ft it is the tallest building in Brisbane and the fourth tallest in Australia. The building is a 90 storey residential tower.


Pelican sculpture on the River Brisbane.


Steel pelican sculpture.


Pelican sculpture with The Goodwill Bridge in the background which spans the Brisbane River. The pedestrian and cyclist bridge connects the South Bank Parklands in South Brisbane to Gardens Point in the Brisbane central business district.


Clock tower of Somerville House School, previously the South Brisbane Municipal Chambers building.


I thought this was a funny thing to see. If I see someone walking around with no shoes on at least I can tell them where they left them.


On display in the dry dock (as well as a plastic crocodile) of the Queensland Maritime Museum, Commonwealth Lightship 4 (CLS4) “Carpentaria” is a lightship that was in service from 1917 to 1985 with the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service, built at the Cockatoo Island Dockyard and commissioned in 1917. The vessel is named after the Gulf of Carpentaria.


In the background is the river-class frigate HMAS Diamantina, named after the Diamantina River in Queensland, that served with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) 1945 – 1946, before being placed in reserve until recomissioned as a survey ship from 1959 until 1980. HMAS Diamantina was the last World War II-era frigate to leave RAN service.


A variety of the yukka plant in the botanic gardens.


Flowering plant in the botanic gardens. 


Sculpture “Building Block of Life” by Dutch – Australian artist Antone Bruinsma in the ground of the botanic gardens.


The “Building Block of Life”.


Path lined with trees, shrubs and plants in the botanic gardens.


Cordoned off newly planted flower beds in a symetrical design in the botanic gardens.


The Customs House Building now serves as a multi-function venue. The building is a Brisbane landmark known for its distinctive copper dome.


I am surprised and disappointed at the lack of support the Australians have shown for their team in the Rugby World Cup. I watched it in two different pubs tonight and I was the only one shouting for the wallabies.


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