Day 13

Tirnovo in Bulgaria.

Beautiful day in a beautiful city. Finished with a light show at the fortress.


Decorative iron window grills.


The old town of Tirnovo nestled on the hills above the Yantra river.


Camp site.


Camp site.


Camp site.


Main steet in Tirnovo heading towards the old town.


Looking down steep narrow streets.


Ornate street light.


Asenevtsi Monument in front of Tirnovo Art Gallery.


View across to the old town of Tirnovo.


Monument to the fallen for Bulgarian freedom.


Through a narrow gap between buildings you can see Stambolov Bridge in the centre.


The House with the Monkey. 


The House with the Monkey took its name from the sitting monkey placed above the ground floor with an inscribed sign plate under it.


Just watching the world go by ………


Whilst from a distance these doors and surround look old, close up they seem more to be reproduction to fit in with the area.


Will, Jane, Lorna, Hannah, me and Sew (l-r).


Will, Lorna, Hannah, me and Sew (l-r), with Jane taking the photo of us.


They say everybody in the World has a twin. I just found mine ! LOL.


Carved wood street art.


Will and his semi-armless wooden friend.


Street art.


The Hipster Bar.


Will and I.


Lorna and Eirik.


Camp site.


The Byala Bridge.


Camp site.




Wee Willy.


Mural commemorating the Velchova Zavera Plot of 1835.


Narrow old pedestrian street with old houses.


Not sure I would trust any weight being put on the balcony on the left.


The Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and the Constituent Assembly.


The Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and the Constituent Assembly.


How much is that doggy …..


Tsarevets Fortress in the background.


Lion statue with coat of arms at Tsarevets Fortress.


Tsarevets Fortress overlooking the city.


Light show from Tsarevets Fortress.


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