Day 283

Well it is New Year’s Eve and I am 10,553 miles away from the United Kingdom, without question the most unique New Year’s Eve I will have ever experienced.

Tonight Jessica and I will see in the New Year watching the world famous fireworks display on the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the habourside at The Royal Botanic Gardens.

The fireworks promises to be spectacular and no doubt they will not disappoint, to experience the electric atmosphere that you cannot comprehend when watching it on the television will be magical, but it will be tinged with sadness as no one can forget what the people of Australia are currently experiencing at this time with the loss of life, property and livelihoods from the devastating bushfires that continue to ravage the country.

People will question the thought process of the Australian Government proceeding with the firework display while Australia is suffering so much, but the cost of putting on the display had already been borne and proceeds from the display will support those affected by the bushfires, so hopefully people will take some comfort and the positive from this event going ahead.


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