Day 103

Xi’an night market.


Xi’an Bell Tower. It is located in the centre of Xi’an at the intersection of the four streets of the east, west, south and north. It is the largest and most preserved one amongst the many bell towers left over from ancient China. Constructed from brick and timber, the tower is nearly 40 metres high and is built on a square base of 1,377 m2.


Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square, located between the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower.


Two mascots on the steps at Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square.


Shop lined pedestranised street leading to the Drum Tower.


Xi’an Drum Tower.


Deep fried squid in Beiyuanmen Night Market, also known as Muslim Night Market.


Beiyuanmen Night Market.


Cooked sheep feet. Being a Muslim night market, no pork.


Will translating the menu.




Takeaway food outlets in Beiyuanmen Night Market.


The Drum Tower illuminated.


Another angle of the Drum Tower illuminated.


Large Chinese lantern in Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square.


The Bell Tower illuminated.


Yongning Art Hotel.


Tower on the corner of the Xi’an Ancient City wall and moat.


Pingyao Ancient City.

A pedestrianised street in the ancient city.


A view through the open doors of an old building into a courtyard.


The view down South Street towards the Market Tower.


Green post box outside the Post Office.


The Market Tower.


The South Gate of the ancient city.


Street cleaner on a three-wheeled motorbike.


A gate across a street in the ancient city.


An alley with an unfinished pathway in the old city.


A gate across a street in the ancient city.


Embossed wall tiles depicting a typical oriental scene.


A modern unilluminated sign within an ancient wall.


View through the unilluminated sign to the street behind.


View through the unilluminated sign to the street behind.


A decal on a window of a bar. For a reserved country and in the ancient city, this type of signage may be not what many people would expect to see.


A typical pedestrianised street in the ancient city.


A view into a courtyard.


Catholic Church in the ancient city.


Statue of the Virgin Mary outside the Catholic Church.


Old building in need of some attention close to the Catholic Church.


The altar and interior of the Catholic Church.


Dragon wall sculpture that has lost it’s glazed finish.


This ballon creation uses a helium filled balloon of the mascot Doreamon as it’s centrepiece.


Doreamon is a robotic cat that comes from the 22nd century, and appears as a character in a Japanese manga series of the same name.


Water feature in a public garden within the ancient city.


Pagoda in public garden.


Closer look at the detail of the pagoda.


Another look at the water feature.




Pond with water lilies in the public garden.


A workman has found some shade to take a rest.


Jane and Will taking a break in the shade of a pagoda covered walkway.


Will modelling the casual look.


Not to be outdone, Jane poses for a photo.


The various compounds being mixed together to create bricks.


Traditional Chinese courtyard serving as a guesthouse.


Will standing on the 1st floor corridor of the guesthouse.


The vegetarian meal option.


The carnivore option with vegetables and rice.


Colonel Sanders – it’s a KFC.





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