Day 110

Shanghai – The city and its buildings plus Chenghuang Temple.


Shanghai skyline.


Can’t tell you what the name of the sculpture is, but its a person standing with their hands together outstretched waiting to catch a water droplet falling from the tap above.


Spire-style roof on a high-rise building.


People walking in downtown Shanghai surrounded by  high-rise buildings.


The view between buildings leads to more high-rise towers including the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.


Shanghai Ferry company.


Boats moored on the Huangpu River.


View looking away from downtown Shanghai. Less tall towers and space between buildings.


The city skyline across Huangpu River.


Building sideways is not an option due to lack of space so the only way is up.


City skyline with dark clouds overhead.


Luxury yachts moored on the Huangpu River in front of downtown Shanghai towers.


Light reflecting off the towers onto the Huangpu River.


Stir fry pork belly with Chinese long green beans.


Stir fry prawns with Chinese long green beans (plate on right).


Modern art installation in the void of a building.


Plaza with restaurants. On the ground floor is Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, an American steakhouse originating from New York.


The top of the Shanghai World Finance Centre and the Shanghai Tower disappearing into the low cloud.


An old tower block. Very dull brickwork.


The facade of the old tower block is also very bland.


Low cloud descending on the city.


Moored passenger boat on tributary of the Huangpu River.


A species of heron resting on a moored passenger boat on tributary of the Huangpu River.


Small art studio.


An eco-friendly window shade.


The Lotus Tower.


In the centre of the photo is Elegance Hotel, a hotel that seems to have been left behind in another era by the modern Shanghai.


Faded stained glass window.


Waldorf Astoria Shanghai Hotel located in the waterfront area (Bund) of central Shanghai.


Waldorf Astoria Shanghai Hotel.


The reflection of the Lotus Tower in the windows of the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai Hotel.


The Waldorf Astoria Shanghai Hotel lifts.


International and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Tower.


ICBC Tower.


Shanghai is an architect’s delight, buildings of all shapes and sizes including this one.


Chipolbrok Shanghai Office.


In the middle of the photo is the Shanghai World Financial Centre which has the nickname the “bottle opener” because of the opening at the top of the tower. To the right is the Shanghai Tower – tallest building in the city. Jin Mao tower is to the left.


Old Shanghai in the shadows of modern Shanghai. The ICBC Tower overlooking small commercial and residential buildings.


Every available space is used for storage in the small residential buildings.


Oriental Pearl TV Tower.


Yuyuan Tourist Market Gate.


Dragon adorning the Yuyuan Tourist Market Gate.


Ornate design and use of contrasting simple colours on the facade of a building near Yuyuan Market.


Traditional Chinese architecture housing a store at a main intersection near Yuyuan Market.


Shoppers sheltering from the rain under umbrellas in a shopping street in Yuyuan Market.


Traditional architecture in a narrow shopping street in Yuyuan Market.


Nine Bend Bridge leading to Bazaar in Yuyuan Garden.


Nine Bend Bridge and Tea House in Yuyuan Garden.


Crowds of visitors on Nine Bend Bridge.


Small boat used by the gardeners to tend the pond and plant life.


White Geese resting on steps next to a carved stone dragon.


Yuyuan Garden Bazaar.


Koi fishes in Yuyuan Garden.


Koi fishes in Yuyuan Garden.


Statue of Oriental woman.


A small stone pagoda on a water feature.


Statue of Oriental woman.


White Goose resident of Yuyuan Garden.


Water lilies in Yuyuan Garden pond.


Water lilies in Yuyuan Garden pond.


Water lilies in Yuyuan Garden pond.


Yuyuan Garden Bazaar.


Yuyuan Garden Bazaar.


The Peace Hotel and Shanghai by day/night.


The Peace Hotel also known as Fairmont Peace Hotel.


Foyer of the hotel.


Octagonal skylight in the ceiling of the lobby in the hotel.


Foyer leading to one of the entrances of the hotel.


Flowers in the lobby of the hotel.


Long foyer within the hotel.


Art deco doors.


Art deco lighting.


Foyer leading to the North Entrance of the Peace Hotel.


People walking along the boulevard at the side of the Huangpu River at the Bund.


Downtown Shanghai city skyline.


The Lotus Tower.


On the right people are walking along the boulevard at the Bund, with the distinctive spire roofed International and Commercial Bank of China tower on the right.


The Shanghai World Financial Centre and the Shanghai Tower are the two largest buildings in the photo. The reflective bronze curved facade on the right is Aurora Plaza.


Oriental Pearl TV Tower.


Light show on buildings in downtown Shanghai.


Crowds walking along the boulevard at the Bund at night.


Shanghai city buildings at night.


The Oriental Pearl TV Tower lit up and dominating the skyline.


Pleasure boat on the Huangpu River.


The Oriental Pearl TV Tower.


The three largest tower’s in the photo from left to right, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shangahi World Financial Centre and the Shanghai Tower.


View across the Huangpu River with city lights reflecting off the water.


Shanghai World Financial Centre (aka the “Bottle Opener”) lit up in blue. Towering, pardon the pun, over the “Bottle Opener” is the Shanghai Tower, the largest tower in Shanghai.


City buildings illuminated at night.


The distinctive Lotus Tower in the centre.


One with a unique design and the other with the height, the Bottle Opener and the Shanghai Tower.


The Huangpu River with the backdrop of the city skyline.


View along a city street towards to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.


Pleasure boat with it’s illuminations reflecting off the Huangpu River.


Adhoc photo.


A disabled toilet in China. Poorly translated into English.


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