Day 127

My visit to Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) Centre in Vientiane.

The place does great work. For more information about the centre please click >here<.


Entrance to COPE Visitors Centre.


COPE wheelchair workshop.


Introduction to cluster bombs and the “bombies” contained within.


Replica “bombies” made out of plaster produced by the staff in the workshop at the Centre for Medical Rehabilitation hang from the ceiling at COPE. Each cluster bomb casing contained 680 individual small cluster bombs (“bombies”), each with a killing radius of 30 metres. 


Story of Mr Singin.


Photo of Mr Singin has his donated homemade leg.




Replica of a rehabilitation aid used in the clinic at the centre.


Prosthetic legs hang from the ceiling in COPE.


Prosthetic legs hang from the ceiling in COPE.


An old prosthetic leg. It’s uncomfortable just to look at.


Early manufactured prosthetic legs resting against old machinery.


Old machines used in the early manufacture of prosthetic legs.


Prosthetic legs on display.


Practical and simple solutions for someone with upper limb disabilities to be independent to perform an everyday task, from eating to brushing their teeth.


Display of old bomb casings from the Vietnam War.


Chilling out for the rest of the day.


First pool i’ve seen in four months ! Bliss.


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