Day 81



Parcel of stuff being posted back home.


Bronze sculpture in a water feature, minus the water though.


Small stone woolly mammoth statue in a park.


Kazakhstan’s answer to McDonald’s or Burger King.


Metal grill around the base of a tree. Note the shape cut-out in the middle, it’s an apple. A theory is that the name Almaty dates back to medieval times and is derived from the word Apple. The surrounding area of Almaty is known for a diverse range of apples, with the region thought to being the apple’s the ancestral home. Almaty also has the nicknames Apple City and Big Apple. The University Winter Olympics was held in 2017 in Almaty, which may be the connected to 2017 in the metal grill.


Paved avenue, with water fountains, heading towards the Abay Opera House.


Paved avenue heading away from the Abay Opera House.


Abay Opera House.


A row of non-operational fountains within a park in Almaty.


The Museum of Rare Books.


Zodiac Fountain, currently drained. The pool of the fountain contains a mosaic.


Zodiac Fountain, representing the twelve animals of the Oriental Zodiac which is similar to the Chinese Zodiac.


The Kazakhstan Hotel.


View from the top of the Kazakhstan Hotel.


View of Almaty skyline.


View across the city.


Bar Fly at the Kazakhstan Hotel.


All looking rather civilised in Bar Fly.


Cheers !


Starting to chill-out.


Relaxed and very happy.


I am now chilled out.


View from Bar Fly.


View from Bar Fly.


View from Bar Fly.


Plush furnishings in Bar Fly.


Decorative metal, origami style, birds suspended from the ceiling.


Almaty Television Tower located on the slopes of Kok Tobe Mountain.


Panoramic view from the Kazakhstan Hotel.


Kiki trying to ride the bronze statue at the entrance to the Kazakhstan Hotel in Almaty.


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