Day 200

Kayaking trip on Maritime Heritage Trail at Garden Island Ships’ Graveyard and Port Adelaide River.


Briefing and tutorial by guide ahead of my kayaking trip.


Peaceful and tranquil waters under human power.


First person view paddling along the waterways. In the distance is Torrens Island Power Station.


Mangrove lined creek.


Just enough headroom to pass through.


Colourful flowers growing on the banks of the water channel.


Tidal inland waterway.


First person view paddling along the waterways.


On the Maritime Heritage Trail heading towards The Garden Islands Ship’s Graveyard.


The “Santiago” (1856 –  1945) is the oldest and last vessel to be abandoned in the ships’ graveyard. It is also the most exposed above the waterline of the 25 known shipwrecks in the graveyard.


The “Santiago” is a rare example of an early iron-built sailing ship and is recorded in the International Register of Historic Ships as ‘Probably the oldest iron-hulled sailing ship still in existence’.


Going in for a closer look.


The masts have been cut off and lay next to the hull on the seabed; other fittings lay within the structure.


Inside the hull of “Santiago”.


Closer look at the decay of the wreck. Attempts are ongoing to preserve the “Santiago” by stabilising the hull and using rust conversion paints.


The hull of “Santiago”. Port Adelaide was the final destion for many vessels which had outlived their usefulness and instead of scuttling these obsolete vessels in deep water, the Adelaide Port Harbours Board decided that an easier and cheaper option was to beach and further dismantle the stripped hulks at Garden Island.


Perfect day for a trip on the water.


Glimpse of a dolphin emerging above the surface in the distance. 


Dolphin disappearing back under the surface.


Birds on a tree.


Pied cormorants on the branches of a dead tree.


Wooden footbridge across the waterway.


View from Garden Island across Anglas Inlet.


Selfie on Garden Island.


Additional photos from my tour of Adelaide (Day 198).


Main entrance to Adelaide Central Market. With over 70 traders under one roof, this market is one of the largest undercover fresh produce markets in the southern hemisphere.


Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on this organically and sustainably grown produce stall.


The Three Rivers Fountain in Victoria Square. The fountain was erected to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Adelaide in 1963 and was officially switched on by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1968.


The Three Rivers Fountain represents the three rivers that Adelaide draws water from; The Murray (depicted by an Aboriginal man and an ibis), The Torrens (depicted by a woman and a black swan) and the The Onkaparinga (depicted by a woman and a heron).


This wall mural in Currie Street was created by Kenyan street artists Swift and Bankslave.


Haigh’s Chocolate – founded in Adelaide in 1915 by Alfred E Haigh, they are Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker.


Small little treat for myself. It just had to be done, as it would have been so rude not to. Wouldn’t it ?


Heart in mouth but woohoo.


Very happy with this Rugby World Cup result – Wales 29 Fiji 17.


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