Day 27


The Gonio-Apsaros Fortress.


Stone arch in fortress.


Archaeologist excavation sites within the fortress wall.


An ancient well in the grounds of the fortress. The pebble surround is not in-keeping with the fortress stonework which suggests this has been added to top of the well more recently.


Stone arch in fortress.


Looking through a hole in the trunk of a tree.


Lorna explaining … something … to do with height …. possibly … maybe … okay Lorna.


Fortress wall lookout position.


My artistic picture of the day – view through two of the windows in the fortress.


Gardener tending vegetable plot within the grounds of the fortress.


Stone arch within the fortress.


The fortress wall.


Path that goes through the middle of the fortress.


Ferns growing out of a palm tree.


Medieval catapult.


Medieval chariot.


Ancient vase recovered from the fortress site on display in the museum.


Medieval metal door.


A four legged local resident. Not ancient, medieval or a ruin.


Introduction to the Gonio-Apsaros (or Apsarus) Fortress.


Some backdated photos from Ortahisar and other pictures from Turkey.


The valleys, hills and mountains around Ortahisar.


Restaurants and cafes lined street.


A view out to the countryside.


View across Ortahisar.


The minaret of the Nevsehir Mosque centre of the photo with the ancient Ortahisar castle in the background.


A cave house with a modernish extension on the front.


A typical street in Ortahisar.


Turkish Manti (Turkish “Ravioli” with yogurt sauce).


Rock formation at Cappadocia nicknamed the “Fairy Chimneys”.


My facilities tonight.


They obviously realised as a woman I can multitask !





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