Day 22

Today brought me to Pamukkale.


View of the natural landscape at Pamukkale with the mountains in the distance.


Scenery not to dissimilar to looking at a snow covered mountain.


View across the hotsprings at the base of the travertine terraces and pools.


A bizarre white scene when you see the surrounding lush green landscape.


A travertine pool.


Looks like I am standing on snow.


Joined by three of my fellow travellers.


View from the travertine terraces across the valley to the mountains in the distance.


Views across to the town of Pamukkale.


Travertine terraces and pools.


Water in a travertine pool.


A travertine pool on a terrace.


Customary selfie when visiting a place of interest.


Hanging limestone walls.


The minerals giving a marble effect to the terraces.


Travertine terraces.


Travertines terraces.


Rich in green vegetation due to the quality of the water.


Water flowing through a palmed lined park area near the Cleopatra Pool.


Antiquities in the Cleopatra’s Pool also known as The Antique Pool.


People enjoying a swim in Cleopatra’s Pool.


Entrance to the Antique Pool.


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