Day 277

Merry Christmas everybody from Jessica and I in Taupo.

After a nice walk around an overcast Taupo today including viewing some of the impressive and sometimes puzzling street sculptures, Jessica and I this evening had Christmas dinner for two (with festive spirits of course) followed by watching the film Love Actually. A perfect end to another perfect day with my beautiful daughter.


Me looking through “Upane”, a contemporary sculpture crafted by New Zealand artist Steuart Welch and constructed in COR-TEN steel. Installed in May 2015, this bold and interactive sculpture is situated on the Taupo lakefront.


Jessica and I in front of a vintage McDonnell Douglas DC3 aircraft at McDonald’s in Taupo. The aircraft has been converted for use as part of the McDonald’s restaurant in Taupo. A Mc in front of a Mc.


Standing at the side of the converted vintage aircraft that has seen Taupo’s McDonald’s named “The World’s Coolest McDonald’s” as choosen from the 34,000+ McDonald’s restaurants worldwide.


Having just pulled a couple of crackers and adorned our paper hats, Jessica and I about to tuck into our Christmas dinner.


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