Day 173

Just checked in to Daly Waters Historic Pub.


What a cool place. Will post photos later.


Daly Waters Pub.


Big wine bottle advertising Daly Waters Historic Pub on the back of a ute.


A vintage ute.


Vintage Bedford K Series.


Unrestored vintage Chevrolet.


Daly Waters Pub petrol station.


Some military memorabilia at the pub. A classic Holden Commodore on the left and on the right is a FWD Type B army truck c.1917.


c.1941 Chevrolet Deluxe used by the military. To the right are military uniforms hanging on the wall.


Water buffalo horns with and some fur mounted on the front bumper of a vintage van.


1920s or 1930s vintage Dennis fire engine.


Jane with a decidely dodgy pose next to a police car. This police car is a 2008 Holden Commodore VE used 2016 – 2017 in the Australian horror television series Wolf Creek.


I think we all know someone to put in this corner.


Vintage military motorbike and sidecar manufactured by Indian.


I’m sure this might remind some people of a relative they know after they’ve had to many beers.


Motorbike and modified sidecar manufactered by Indian.


Collection of vintage motorcycles by the American manufacturer Indian. 


Old petrol station pumps.


Collection of vintage memorabilia including a painted Holden Commodore on the right.


Hope none of the political correctness brigade see this.


Daly Waters Pub.


Old VW camper van complete with surf board.


War Memorial.


Mock-up of a helicopter on the roof.


I think that might be a little to late for some children.


Australia’s most remote traffic lights.


Paraphernalia left by travellers who frequented Daly Waters Pub includes many things including bras with some bearing messages.


More memorabilia left by travellers including t-shirts, a guitar and a boogie board.


Travellers who visited Daly Waters Pub have also been leaving flags from their native countries and I was glad to see the Welsh Flag was present.


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