Day 194

Beautiful day at the beaches of Tasmania.


Panoramic view of Friendly Beaches.


Submerged tree emerging at low tide.


Sun glistening on the water.


Information board.


View along the coastline at Friendly Beaches.


Rocks partially submerged at low tide on the beach.


Rocks on the beach.


Rocks on the beach, with seaweed stranded on the beach as the tide recedes.


View from Friendly Beaches of waves breaking along the coastline under a blue sky in Freycinet National Park.


Selfie on Friendly Beaches.


Panoramic shot of Friendly Beaches.


Seaweed on the shoreline.


Guide holding seaweed and explaining how the Aborigines made baskets out of it. Seaweed dries like thick rubber.


Waves rolling onto Friendly Beaches.


Small rocky stretch of beach at Friendly Beaches.


Guided walking group on the headland.


Carpobrotus (coastal pigface) – a flowering plant, they grow readily in sandy and shallow soils and are terrific for preventing erosion on sand dunes and banks.


Rock pool.


Sea coming onto the beach through a small inlet between rocks.


Orange lichen-covered rocks.


Striking a pose.


Scenic view along the coast with the mountains in the background.


Waves breaking over the rocks.


View from Friendly beaches into the next bay.


Walk information for Wineglass Bay.


On the Wineglass Bay Track looking over Oyster Bay.


Typical Freycinet National Park forestry scene.


Oyster Bay.


Oyster Bay.


Hikers on the Wineglass Bay Track.


Looking up at the one of the peaks in The Hazard mountain range.


At the Wineglass Bay Lookout between Mount Amos and Mount Mayson, with Wineglass Bay behind me.


Wineglass Bay.


Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula.


Wineglass Bay with the peaks of Mount Graham and Mount Freycinet in the distance.


Sitting on a rock admiring the stunning view.


Posing for the camera with a beautiful backdrop.


On the Wineglass Bay Track between Mount Amos and Mount Mayson.


View from Wineglass Bay Track through to the trees to Oyster Bay.


On the right of the photo through the trees is Coles Bay.


Cape Tourville.


Information about Cape Tourville Lighthouse.


View across Carp Bay.


Cape Tourville Lighthouse in Freycinet National Park.


Cape Tourville Lighthouse.


Freycinet National Park.


View of The Hazards mountain range through the trees at Camp Tourville.


View across Carp Bay towards The Hazards mountain range.


Sun shining through the tree canopy.


View across Carp Bay towards Wineglass Bay.


Granite islets called “The Nuggets” which lie off Cape Tourville.


Looking north up the coastline from Cape Tourville.


Several beds of sea muscles on a rock.


Sea muscles.


Sea muscles.


Sea muscles attached by their byssus to a rock.


Boats moored off of Richardsons Beach in Coles Bay.


Honeymoon Bay.


Honeymoon Bay with The Hazards mountain range in the background.


Tree flourishing in its rocky surroundings.


Selfie on the rocks at Honeymoon Bay.


Hikers climbing over rocks in Honeymoon Bay.


The Hazard mountain range behind Honeymoon Bay.


Boats moored in Coles Bay.


Coles Bay with The Hazards mountain range in the background.


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