Day 28

Kutaisi Walking Tour.

Very interesting tour in the rain. Well it is a bank holiday. I know it’s beautiful back in England so no need to tell me.


Kolkheti Fountain with the TBC (Tbilisi Business Centre) Bank in the background.


Detailed carvings and sculptures on door panel.


Ornate iron door handles.


Statue of a boy and an older man looking at a film strip outside Kutaisi theatre.


Looking through the iron railings towards the entrance to the Great Synagogue.


Entrance to the Great Synagogue.


Statue of Boris Gaponov close to the entrance to the Great Synagogue.


Massage centre. Perhaps the facade gives a false impression of what the interior may be like ?


Bell tower.


Residential properties across the River Rioni.


Decorative iron window grill.


The Cross of Saint Nino.


A view of a church through the weathered iron railings.


A view of a church through the weathered iron railings.


Church of the Immaculate Conception.


Monument dedicated to champions of sport who were born in  Kutaisi.


Wooden bench with an aged bronze yawning sun sculpture support.


Church of the Immaculate Conception through the trees.


Park bench with the 5 Olympic rings carved into the wood.


Entrace to the Church of the Immaculate Conception.


Hand carved stone pillar at the entrance to the Church of the Immaculate Conception.


A purple flower over running a balcony.


Not sure about standing on this balcony or even parking underneath it.


Bagrati Cathedral.


The Chain Bridge (Jachvis Khidi) across the River Rioni.


The Chain Bridge.


View across Kutaisi.


View across Kutaisi.


Pathway down to the city level.


Bagrati Cathedral.


Plenty of fresh vegetables in Kutaisi market.


Plenty of fresh meat also available in the market. Lamb or goat ?


Anyone for a “wally” ? That’s London slang for a gherkin.


Stall selling spices.


Not sure that the overhead ceiling fan will have much effect.


Entrance to the market. The red bronze carving/sculpture is from the Soviet era.


The White Bridge over the fast flowing River Rioni.


Finely detailed iron gate with a cross on the top at the entrance to a religious site.


“Picasso’s Boy” statue on White Bridge over the River Rioni.

I just couldn’t resist the photo opportunity with the boy on White Bridge !


Street art of a floating girl.


Street art by the acclaimed French mural artist Vinie.


Mon Plaisir arch leading to the courtyard in front of Mon Plaisir Cinema.


Glory to Labour Monument dating back to the Soviet era.


The Kolkheti Fountain.


One for my Dad.


David – the builder of Kutaisi.


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