Day 10

Bucharest !

Bucharest is the 6th largest city in the European Union by population within city limits, after London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris.



Vintage street clock. Plenty around the city with different wording over the arch at the top of the clock face.


The Palace of the Parliament is the seat of the Parliament of Romania. 


Biserica Sf Ioan-Nou, Piata Unirii.


Saint Anton Church.


A “Bucharester” ?


Restaurant Hanu’ lui Mcanu.


Restaurant Hanu’ lui Manuc – sometimes referred to as Manuc Inn.


Restaurant Hanu’ lui Mcanu.


Ancient watering hole ? Not sure they would had an electricity current running down to a switch at the side though !


I’m sure this served a purpose at some time – possibly.


Wooden floor tile & yes Jess I am considering this for future external home improvements !


Vlad the Impaler.


Manhole cover with the Bucharest coat of arms.


Saint Demetrius Church bells.


Saint Demetrius Church.


Stavropoleos Church.


Inside Stavropoleos Church.


Inside Stavropoles Church.


Inside Stavropoleos Church.


Courtyard at Stavropoleos Church. The Church is also refferd to as Stavropoleos Monastrey.


Courtyard at Stavropoleos Church.


As you can tell from my photos, I am very much into architecture !


The C.E.C Palace.


Pasajul Villacrosse/Pasajul Macca.


Centru Vechi also known as Old Town.


St. Patrick Irish Pub mural on the roof. 


St. Patrick Irish Pub mural on the roof.


Carved bas-relief depicting two serpents twined around the winged caduceus staff as a symbol of commerce on the front of the Stock Exchange Palace.


Russian Church of Saint Nicholas in Bucharest.


University Challenge time ! What building is this on ? 


Carturesti Carusel. A beautiful bookstore in the Old Town.


Carturesti Carusel. On the top floor is a cafe.


Carturesti Carusel. Books, books and you guessed it more books.


Carturesti Carusel. A bookworms delight. My arty picture of the day.


Food time. When in Bucharest errr ………… go Argentinian (or Argentinean if you are American).


This might give me some ideas for a future project.


Caru’ cu bere (also known as Beer Wagon).


Beer Wagon !


Caru’ cu bere.


Palace of Parliament. 


Need to think about where I took this photo. If it was after the visit to Caru’ cu bere (Beer Wagon) it might explain why.


Hannah & Lorna.


Guided tour group.


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