Day 186

What a glorious day in Sydney. Been up the tower, now on a river boat cruise.


Hard not to miss the Sydney Opera House on the river boat cruise, but I also saw dolphins.


All ready for my night at the Sydney Opera House.


My beautiful dress was made in Hoi An, Vietnam.


Photos from Sydney.


Me with the harbour and opera house behind.


Jane, Lorna and I with the Sydney Opera House in the background.


Will, Jane, Lorna and I with the opera house in the background.


Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Sydney Harbour Bridge carries rail, vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore.


Sydney Tower Eye towering above surrounding buildings.


Bronze Queen Victoria statue at the entrance to Hyde Park.


Archibald Fountain (J. F. Archibald Memorial Fountain) in Hyde Park.


Archibald Fountain.


St. Mary’s Cathedral with Archibald Fountain in the foreground.


Pool of Reflection in front of the Anzac Memorial.


Pool of Reflection in front of the Anzac Memorial.


Bronze statue of Queen Victoria outside the Queen Victoria Building. Made in 1908 by John Hughes it was originally located in Dublin.


Bronze statue of Islay – Queen Victoria’s pet dog.


The interior of the Queen Victoria Building that has been renovated several times since opening in 1898 but has always been used for retail and leisure purposes.


Neon sign advertising brandy above the steps leading to St. James Railway Station in Elizabeth Street.


St. James’ Church – The oldest church building in the city.


Sydney Tower Eye. Sydney’s tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere.


The Sydney Mint building was built 1816 as the South Wing of the Sydney Hospital (Rum Hospital), later becoming offices for the first branch of English Royal Mint to be established outside of England in 1854.


Woof !


Either a big dog or a little woman standing next to it.


Sign above the entrance to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia building in Pitt Street.


Bronze statue of a World War I soldier at the Sydney Cenotaph in Martin Place.


Wreaths at the Sydney Cenotaph.


Hanging empty bird cages between buildings in Angel Place.


Not surprisingly the hanging empty bird cages are a public art installation – “Forgotten Songs”.


Victorian exterior and theatre lights above entrance to the Royal Lounge bar at the Angel Hotel.


Bronze sculpture of a man sat on a bench reading a newspaper. This art installation is called “Waiting”.


A cannon and anchor from HMS Siruis in Macquarie Place.


An Australian white ibis perched on a bin.


Three of six life-size statues on the exterior of Chief Secretary’s building which is a heritage-listed state government administrative building.


View of Sydney Tower Eye between skyscrapers.


El Alamein Memorial Fountain. The building in the background is Gazebo, a luxury apartment complex.


The El Alamein Memorial Fountain is a heritage-listed fountain and war memorial.


HMAS Adelaide.

HMAS Newcastle.


HMAS Stuart on the left and HMAS Newcastle on the right.


One Central Park is a mixed-use building with vertical hanging gardens which are also the world’s tallest vertical gardens.


Boats moored at Sydney Wharf Marina in Prymont Bay.


Sydney Wharf Marina with the three commercial skyscrapers of International Towers Sydney in Bangaroo district visable through the trees on the right.


The building under construction on the left of the photo is Crown Sydney which will be a hotel and casino, and scheduled to open in 2021.


People walking along the Darling Harbour promenade.


View from Cremorne Point of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge seen from Cremorne Point.


View across Sydney Harbour.


Not sure what I was taking a photo of here.


Okay it’s a pair of garages and fence. Sightseeing bus was going to fast and I missed the photo I wanted to get.


View across the roof of Kambala School of Rose Bay towards Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance from North South East Road.


Sightseeing bus was too quick again so here is a picture of a wall and living fence.


View across Rose Bay towards Sydney Harbour Bridge at the junction of Trivoli Avenue and New South Head Road.


Rose Bay.


Rose Bay.


View across boats moored in Rose Bay.


Boats moored in Rose Bay.


Boats moored in Rose Bay.


Boats moored at Rose Bay Marina.


Boats moored in Rose Bay Marina in the foreground, with boats in the background left in Point Piper Marina.


Residential block on New South Head Road in the suburb of Edgecliff.


“Elements” residential building on New South Head Road.


View from the top deck of the sightseeing bus on New South Head Road in the suburb of Edgecliff heading back into the city centre.


Sydney Tower Eye centre of the photo.


Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Transdev Sydney Ferries “Scarborough” about to pass by.


“Scarborough” and the Sydney Opera House.


Entrance to Circular Quay Railway Station in foreground. The tower on the right is 1 Macquarie Place which is predominately commercial office space but the first three floors are a food court.


Sydney Opera House.


Sydney Opera House.


Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Walk from Congee Beach to Bondi Beach, with Bondi Beach in the background.


Sydney skyline.


Sydney Harbour Bridge.


View from Sydney Tower Eye observation deck towards Watsons Bay.


View across Hyde Park from the Sydney Tower Eye.


View from the tower towards towards Allianz Stadium and the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground.


View across Darling Harbour and beyond from the Sydney Tower Eye. The white building in the middle of the photo is the Australian National Maritime Museum.


The building under construction on the left is Crown Sydney and the island in the middle of the photo is Goat Island.


In the foreground left to right is the International Towers Sydney consisting of three skyscraper’s and the Crown Sydney.


Looking across the roof top of the 228 metre high MLC Centre towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the north Sydney suburbs beyond.


Looking between the roofs of buildings to the roads 250 metres below.


Looking down on Hyde Park and St. Mary’s Cathedral.


View from Sydney Tower Eye towards Watsons Bay.


Facade of the Sydney Tower Eye lift.


Not what you would normally expect 250 metres above the ground, a post box. This is the highest working post box in the southern hemisphere.


Sydney Opera House.


Looking back from the river boat at the opera house and harbour bridge.


View of the city skyline from the river boat between Robertsons Point and Bradleys Head.


Dunbar House in Watsons Bay. One of Australia’s oldest standing structures, built in the 1830s it is a fully licensed cafe.


Boats moored in Watsons Bay.


Boats moored in Cabbage Tree Bay, Manly.


Boats moored in Cabbage Tree Bay. The buildings on the right are Manly Yacht Club and Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club.


Manly Wharf.


East Manly Cove Beach in Cabbage Tree Bay.


East Manly Cove Beach in Cabbage Tree Bay.


Cabbage Tree Bay.


My beautiful dress was made in Hoi An, Vietnam.


View from Circular Quay of city skyline at night.


Circular Quay and Opera Bar in front of the Sydney Opera House.


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