Day 9

In the Transylvania region on the way to Bran Castle, the home of Dracula.


Will, Jane and Hannah on a bridge over Tarnava River in Sighisoara.


Tarnava River flowing through the city of Sighisoara.


Holy Trinity Church in Sighisoara.


30 kph speed limit and horse drawn vehicles prohibited sign’s on a post.


Hannah has the right idea, pose for a photo while someone else gets the round in.


A church in the Transylvania region of Romania.


Small lake in Parcul Regal (Royal Park) in Bran Castle estate grounds.


Bran Castle, Transylvania – The home of Dracula.


Stone christian cross in front of Bran Castle.


View across Bran and the surrounding landscape. On the left is the stone christian cross next to the outer wall of Bran Castle.


Decorative iron railings.


Bran Castle information board.


Fancy lantern.


Carved wooden sideboard inside Bran Castle, with two carved figurines supporting the top.


Closer look at the detail of one of the two carved figurines on the wooden sideboard.


Hannah in secret passage within Bran Castle.


Ornate tile forming part of larger wall mural acting as a open fireplace surround.


View across Bran Castle courtyard.


View across Bran Castle courtyard.


Lounge and fireplace in Bran Castle.


Will taking a photo of Jane, and Jane taking photo of Will.


Looking up from the courtyard of Bran Castle towards a tower on a castle building.


A view of the town of Bran from a window at Bran Castle.


Armour of knights in the armoury room inside Bran Castle.


Lorna striking a pose.


Souvenir shops at Bran Castle.


Campsite in Bran and on the way to Bucharest.


Piatra Craiului Mountains in the distance.


Piatra Craiului Mountains.


Frost on the ground and ice on the river.


Bright and breezy at 07:30 with Will.


River running through the Transylvanian countryside.


Mountains towering above the buildings.


Beautiful snow capped mountains.


Stunning scenery.


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