Day 198

Tour of Adelaide including the Art Gallery of South Australia.


Fountain in front of main entrance to Adelaide Arcade.


Glass floor in a section of the ground floor of the Adelaide Arcade giving a glimpse down the original staircase into the basement which once was the 130+ year old arcade’s original tearoom.


Haigh’s Chocolates – founded in Adelaide in 1915 by Alfred E Haigh, they are Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker.


Facade of Adelaide Arcade.


The facade of The Science Exchange – a multi-purpose event venue.


Balcony above the entrance to Adelaide Town Hall.


The “Fab Four” are on the balcony at the town hall. Beatles fans will recognise all of the faces, but a face not familiar to most will be that of drummer Jimmie Nicol, who stood in for Ringo Starr who missed the Adelaide leg of the tour due to tonsillitis.


The Beatles visited Adelaide in 1964 and when they stepped out onto the balcony at the Town Hall they were welcomed by more than 300,000 screaming fans – the largest gathering the legendary band attracted anywhere in the world and equated to 20% of the population of South Australia at that time.


The glass installation of The Beatles was installed on the Town Hall balcony to commemorate the 150th year of the Town Hall. There was not one photo of The Beatles taken standing together on the balcony in 1964 so it has been created using eight individual photos taken at the time.


Adelaide Town Hall.


The Adelaide Oval.


River Torrens next to the Adelaide Oval.


The River Torrens footbridge on the left links the Adelaide Oval, Riverbank Entertainment Precinct and Adelaide City.


Bronze statue of Australian rules footballer Barrie Robran in front of the oval.


Granite statue of Australian cricketeer Clem Hill outside of the oval.


Adelaide Oval.


Not what you would necessarily expect to see in the Adelaide Oval, a golf tournament, but the venue hosts various sporting events, concerts and more.


The Adelaide Oval is one of the city’s unique architectural structures.


The Adelaide Oval has a 53,000 capacity.


Australian rule football posts at the oval. For anyone not into the game, the two posts in the centre are goal posts and they are flanked by back posts.


Wall mural by Australian street artists Jimmy C (Cochran) and Seb Humphries in Chesser Lane unveiled for the 2017 Adelaide Fringe festival and as part of the street art explosion in the city. Cochran famously created the David Bowie memorial painting in Brixton, London.


Wall mural by local artist Mimby Jones-Robinson in Chesser Lane as part of the 2017 Adelaide Fringe festival.


Wall mural in Gawler Place by the Australian street artist “Order 55” also known as Seb Humphries.


At the Art Gallery of South Australia the installation “We are all flesh” by Belgium artist Berlinde De Bruyckere – made from epoxy, iron, horse skin and steel.


If anyone knows what this is, because I do not, please contact me.


“Absence Embodied” by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota – 180 kms of intricately woven threads made of red wool which has been strung from the walls and ceiling opens at the Art Gallery of South Australia.


A bronze hand tethering the threads to the floor of the gallery.


The 180 kms of intricately woven threads made of red wool.


Bronze hands clasped together tethering the woven threads of “Absence Embodied”.


“Twin-Subjecter” by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn.


“Twin-Subjecter” comprises of mannequins, nails, screws, plastic base and wood.


“The Sign Says It” by Australian artist Richard Bell – synthetic polymer paint on linen.


Painted earthenware “Tatooed Lady” by Australian Bert Flugelman.


I do not know the name of this installation or the artist, but it portrays an upside down tree from which the leaves have fallen off and are in a pile below.


Not even sure how to describe this one.


Not able to give you the name of the statue or the artist, but it has a Greek theme with pegasus, a naked spartan holding a woman’s head with another woman at his feet.


Bronze sculpture “Flying Figure” by French artist Auguste Rodin.


Bronze sculpture “Buck with cigar” by British artist Marc Quinn.


Bronze statue “Pierre de Wissant” by French artist Auguste Rodin.


“The Golden Pheasant” by British artist Maurice Lambert – bronze sculpture on marble base.


Outside the entrance to the Art Gallery of South Australia is the stainless steel “The Life of Stars” by Chinese artist Lindy Lee – visable by day and night the works displays a densely perforated surface and creates dappled light, which together suggest a universe within, while its oval form suggests the beginnings of life itself.


“The Spheres” by Australian artist Bert Flugelman in Rundle Mall.


This mural is on the wall of the hostel I am staying at in Tatham Street. By artist Vans the Omega, this three storey mural of local girl, Flower, took three days to complete.


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