Day 279

As mentioned yesterday and having experienced the Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua at night, Jessica and I returned to do the walk again today in the daylight.


Me on one of the 28 suspension bridges of the Redwood Treewalk above the forest floor.


Jessica and I one of the suspension bridges 20 metres above the ground surrounded by Redwood Trees and tree ferns.


Jessica and I at one of the 27 platforms built around a Redwood Tree linking the 28 suspension bridges that form the Redwood Treewalk.


Me standing in front of a giant Redwood ring. The ring, from an American sequoia tree, is over 2000 years old and 3½ metres wide, and has historical milestones that the tree has lived through mapped out on its growth rings.


Now for a break from walking, it’s time to chill !

Jessica and I went to the world famous springs at Polynesian Spa in Rotorua. Polynesian Spa is New Zealand’s original geothermal bathing experience, with both acidic and akaline springs flowing into separate pools. With views over Lake Rotorua and the air temperature at 20° it was an ideal place to visit and relax.


One of five mineral hot pools overlooking Lake Rotorua.


Visitors relaxing in a hot pool.


The welcoming clear waters of a hot pool surrounded by lush greenery.


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