Day 225

Modern art on Bondi Beach to Coogee. Still don’t get it.

This is the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition from 24 October – 10 November 2019.


“Split Imprint” by Australian artist Katie Stewart.


Closer look at the detail of “Split Imprint” by artist Katie Stewart.


“Golden Age” by artist Jana Kroftova from the Czech Republic.


“Kintsugi Coral” by Dutch artist Karin van der Molen.


“Empires Dismantled” by Australian artist Richard Byrnes.


“Divine Assembly #8, #9 and #10” by Melbourne artist Louise Paramor.


“Complex Nest” by artist Jakub Geltner from the Czech Republic – with a diameter of 3 metres it consists of parabolic antennas (satellite dishes to you and me), steel and cables.


“Out of Reach” by the artists Angela Femia, Carolyn Hunter, Pauline Plumb and Cristina Harris.


“Voices at Dawn” by Australian artist Harrie Fasher.


“Viewfinder” by Australian artist Joel Adler.


View through “Viewfinder” by Australian artist Joel Adler.


“More Than It Seems” by Brazilian artist Geraldo Zamproni. View from the otherside shows both ends of a pencil separated by a overhanging cliff ledge as if the pencil had pierced through it.


“A Choir” by Sydney artist Jane Gillings. There is an environmental theme behind this sculpture related to global warming and trying to keep cool, as well as waste.


“Thru” by Danish artist Katja Grinling.


“Vintage bush truck” by Western Australian artist Janine McAullay Bott – weaved art work using palm fronds and seed pods.


“Kore that Awakening (2016)” by Ukranian artist Egor Zigura.


Close up of the detail “Kore that Awakening (2016) by Egor Zigura.


“Colussus Awakens (2016)” by Ukranian artist Egor Zigura.


Genuinely feeling relaxed tonight, had my first bath since March and even had bubbles.


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