Day 182

The Blue Mountains in Katoomba.


Three Sisters rock formation.


View of the Blue Mountains and Jamison Valley.


View of Jamison Valley from a viewing platform.


Tree stripped of it’s bark.


Layers in the rock.


Three Sisters rock formation.


Looking down at the rainforest in the Jamison Valley.


Standalone rock formation called Orphan Rock.


Closer view of Orphan Rock.


Three Sisters rock formation.


Katoomba Falls.


Introduction to The World’s Steepest Railway.


The steepest railway’s base station.


Travelling through the tree canopies on the scenic railway.


Experiencing the 52° (128%) incline travelling the 310 metre route on the world’s steepest passenger railway.


Panoramic view as I travel on the world record breaking scenic railway.


View across the Blue Mountains whilst travelling on the scenic railway.


View across the Blue Mountains and Jamison Valley.


View across the Blue Mountains and Jamison Valley.


Looking up from the base station of the worlds steepest railway, this gives you an idea of the 52° incline of the scenic railway.


An old scenic railway car on track.


The Scenic Railway was originally used to haul coal up the cliff before being transported to Katoomba.


An old coal cart.


Bronze statue of a miner with an old coal cart that would have been pulled by a mule, pony or horse.


Entrance to old coal mine.


Historic mining tools exhibit.


Vines growing on the rockface above the entrance to the old coal mine.


A snapshot of the flora in the rainforest.


Light shining through the trees in the rainforest.


Remnant from the coal mining era lying where it was left.


Another remnant from the coal mining days in the undergrowth.


Dense tree coverage in the rainforest.


Fern tree.


Australian raven foraging on the rainforest floor.


Australian raven amongst the foliage.


Sun shining through the tree canopy.


This is a Coal Sieve also referred to as a “Riddle” that would have removed very small pieces from the freshly mined coal. The very small pieces had no market value and therefore were allowed to them home for their household needs.


Fern tree.


Jane on a raised walkway along the rainforest floor.


Intwined roots and vines in the rainforest.


Raised walkway along the rainforest floor.


Small cascading stream on the Jamison Valley rainforest floor.


Light shining through the trees in the rainforest.


An Australian raven perched on a branch.


Small cascading stream.


Walking through the rainforest in Jamison Valley.


Roots and trees on the rainforest floor.


Looking up at the canopy of a fern tree.


Split tree trunk.


Raised walkway descending through the rainforest.


Orphan Rock seen through the tree canopy of the rainforest.


Three Sisters rock formation.


Three Sisters rock formation.


Will, Lorna, Jane and I posing on an old scenic railway car.


Will, Lorna, Jane and I posing on an old scenic railway car.


Close view of the tree tops.


The Scenic Skyway travels between Scenic World Top Station and Skyway East Station, a distance of 720 metres at 270 metres above ravines and rainforests below.


Aged large dead tree stump.


Katoomba Falls in the Blue Mountains.


Katoomba Falls is on the Kedumba River.



The Kedumba River descending the Katoomba Falls into the Jamison Valley.


Jane, Lorna, Gayle and I.


So tonight was our last night together. Six months have gone in a flash !

Tomorrow or in five minutes today I will be on my way to Sydney and the second part of my amazing trip. I am so lucky to have done this. It’s been my dream for over a decade. It’s been everything and more than I expected and I can’t wait to tell you all about it xxx


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