Day 206

Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island.


Date marked Rainbow Beach.


View through the trees to the ocean at Rainbow Beach.


View towards Double Island Point.


View towards Fraser Island.


The unique sand mass landscape of Carlo Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach.


Waves rolling onto the beach.


My sandal imprints in the wet sand.


Paraglider in the sky above Carlo Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach.


Date marked in the sand.


Boat off the coast at Inskip Point.


A seagull on the shoreline at Inskip Point.


A flock of cormorants on the beach at Inskip Point.


View to Fraser Island from Inskip Point.


Bring’s back memories of travelling in the “beast”.


This is Discovery Fraser Island’s “warrior” on the beach at Inskip Point.


On the ferry from Inskip Point to Fraser Island, the world’s longest sand island.


Passing catamaran.


Selfie on the Fraser Island ferry.


Grey sky over a grey sea.


Wild dingo on Fraser Island.


Sun trying to breakthrough the heavy dark clouds overhead.


Small glimpse of the sun reflecting off the water as the waves roll into shore.


Looking like the cloud will break at some point.


Be rude not to.


Weeping tree species.


There are 1916 known species of plants on Fraser Island.


Waves rolling on to Seventy Five Mile Beach on Fraser Island.


Coconut on the beach at Fraser Island.


Seventy Five Mile Beach on Fraser Island. As the name suggests, its 75 miles long. It is a sand highway and despite it not having any road markings or dividers like regular roads, you still have to abide by the rules of the road and functions under the same laws as any other highways in Queensland.


A sandy road winding its way through the dense Fraser Island rainforest.


What largely look likes a dead tree sprouting new green shoots from the base.


Wanggoolba Creek in the rainforest on Fraser Island.


Wanggoolba Creek.


Aerial roots of a tree.


King ferns growing next to Wanggoolba Creek.


Wanggoolba Creek flowing through piccabeen palms, fern trees and other species of plant life.


Hollowed moss covered log on the tropical rainforest floor.


Hollowed moss covered log on the tropical rainforest floor.


Staghorn also known as elkhorn ferns growing on the side of a tree. The name is derived from the shape of the leaves of the fern.


Wanggoolba Creek in the rainforest area on the western side Fraser Island.


Strangler fig tree also known as white fig clutching tree.


Selfie in front of the fig tree.


Roots growing on the trunk of the fig tree.


Path through trees leading to Lake Mackenzie.


Freshwater Lake Mackenzie on Fraser Island.


Sitting on the shallow white sandy beach of Lake Mackenzie. The sand around Lake McKenzie is pure silica, giving the beach a shimmering white color.


Selfie in the very welcoming Lake Mackenzie, one of the most beautiful and well-known freshwater lakes in Australia.


Relaxed and chilled. 


Surrounded by rainforest and only five metres deep at its deepest point and spanning 130 hectares, Lake Mckenzie’s mass is made up completely of rainwater, with no springs or water sources running in or out of it and is therefore susceptable to pollutants from tourists (soap, suncream etc.). High acidity prevents plants or fish life from flourishing there, making its shores weed free.


Answers on a postcard as to what I was taking a photo of.


One of the Fraser Island car ferry’s.


Sun reflecting off the calm waters on the shoreline.


So tranquil and beautiful.


Fraser Island car ferry.


Checked in to Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club.


Having dinner with a view.


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