Day 13 – 25 Turkey

Istanbul, the city that separates Europe from Asia has it all, and I will revel in the history and culture it offers. I will take a boat trip up the Bosphorus, marvel at the Aya Sofya and explore the opulent Topkapi Palace. At the end of the day I will soak my aches away in a Turkish bath and tantalise my taste buds with Turkish delights !

The battlefields of Gallipoli is my next destination where I will pay tribute to the thousands of Aussies, Kiwis, Brits and Turks who lost their lives here in 1915. I’m sure it will be a truly moving experience.

Historic Troy will be an interesting stop on the way down the Turquoise coast to the great Roman ruins of Ephesus. Here I will be camping on the beach and will have the day to explore the ruins and enjoy the sunshine.

Pamukkale presents me with a dazzling white mountainside of natural terrace pools where I will get to spend the afternoon soaking in one of the pools or exploring the ancient Byzantine city of Hierapolis.

Inland on the plateau I reach the fairy-tale city of Cappadocia with spectacular canyons, ancient caves and underground cities carved into the geologically diverse land. I start the day with an amazing hot-air balloon ride ride and finish it off with a raucous night of belly dancing !

Close to the Black Sea I visit the awe-inspiring Surmela Monastery and marvel at the Byzantine frescoes in an amazing cliff-face setting before continuing along the coast towards Georgia.



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