Day 135

Nha Trang – Sunrise, boat trip to fisherman’s village, beach and Tri Nquyen Aquarium.


People on the beach at Nha Trang as the sun rises behind rock formations in the sea in the distance.


People taking an early morning dip in the sea.


Sun starting to break through the cloud.


Sun reflectioning off the calm sea.


Looks like it is going to be a good day !


The illumintated skywheel at Vinpearl Resort on Hon Tre (Vinpearl) Island.


 On a fishing boat in Nha Trang Bay and just about to go under the Vinpearl cable car.


Jane and I.


Traditional fishing boats in Nha Trang port.


Traditional fishing boats in Nha Trang port.


Modern and old dwellings on the hillside overlooking Nha Trang Bay.


Fishing boat moored at the side of a floating fish farm.


Floating fish farm.


Floating restaurants.


Dogs keeping watch over the fish at a floating fish farm.


Small fishing village and floating fish farms with rather fragile looking structures.


Small fishing village and floating fish farms.


Floating fish farms.


Floating fish farm.


Can’t get any fish fresher than this, straight out of the water at a floating fish farm.


The fish being weighed, although it looks like they could do with a bigger basket.


Weighed and paid for the fish is just about to be bagged up.


The fisherman’s net is looming over a pool at the fish farm.


Fisherman with his catch. Easy fishing when the fish are in a pool they can’t escape from.


Catfish in the net.


Catfish in a tray being weighed.


A spiny lobster being removed for a net at a floating fish farm about to be placed in a basket with fellow lobsters.


Spiny lobsters in a basket.


Fisherman with a firm group on the spiny lobster.


Spiny lobster being placed in to a net.


In case anyone is wondering that it cannot be lobster because it has no claws at the front, spiny lobsters don’t have claws.


Fisherman with a catfish.


Looking out over beautiful clear water in Nha Trang Bay.


Some people braving the water and rocks underfoot.






Families enjoying the sandy beach and clear water.


Sunbeds under parasols in a rocky bay.


The Captain and first mate of our hired fishing boat.


Old moored boat with weather worn mural on the side.


Looks like the boat is permanently moored.


Small floating cafe.


A new construction on Hon Tre Island. Building with a large dome above the entrance which also has a four pillared open entrance hall in front. Four smaller domes mark the four corners of the building.


Vinpearl Resort, with skywheel, on Hon Tre Island.


Fisherman in a traditional round fishing boat.


“Welcome to Soi Island” signage.


A sculpture of a lionfish with it’s open mouth acting as an entrance to a walkway at Tri Nquyen Aquarium.


A variety of the skink lizard species in the grounds of Tri Nguyen Aquarium.


The lizard is tame so probably use to attention from visitors.


Square head, square body and slender limbs.


Water fountain at Tri Nguyen Aquarium.


Residential properties with beautiful views over a bay.


The common mormon butterfly on a flowering plant.


The common mormon butterfly.


The common mormon butterfly.


The common mormon butterfly.


Flowering green leaf plant.


White spotted puffer fish.






Orange spine unicorn fish.


A species of a fish with spikes on it’s spine.


A variety of species including the saddle back clown fish.


Synanceia (rock stonefish).










Green sea turtle.


Green sea turtle.


White tip reef sharks.


White tip reef sharks with stone octopus wall decoration in the background.


White tip reef sharks.


Zebra shark.


Zebra shark.


Large fish in aquarium.










View across Nha Trang Bay.


View across Nha Trang Bay towards Vinpearl Resort on Hon Tre Island.


Residential properties overlooking fishing boats in a bay.


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