Day 54

My own walking tour today in old Bukhara.


Just chilling on my own watching the world go by in the back streets of Bukhara.


Pond in front of Khoja Kalon Mosque.


Khoja Kalon Mosque and Khoja Kalon Minaret with the light beginning to fade as night approaches.


Pond in front of Khoja Kalon Mosque.


The Toki Sarrafon dome (left of photo) or referred to as “Dome of Moneychangers”. In the past this is where merchants could exchange money for foreign currency before leaving for other lands.


Craftsman at a weaving loom.


Magoki Attori Mosque.


Elaborate door design.


One of the canals that was used to drain the swamps of old Bukhara. 


Stone pillar minus a few decorative ceramic tiles.


Just some old boys putting the world to rights.


Flourishing tree, but so so close to many overhead utility cables. 


Narrow passageway in the old city.


Look closely. What can you spot ?


Untouched facade and entrance of a property in the old city.


One for my Dad.


Inside Toki Telpak Furushon trading dome. This bazaar is also known as the “Dome of Headgear Salespersons”, because in the past it mainly sold turbans, fur hats, and skullcaps embroidered with silk and decorated  with beads.


Inside Toki Telpak Furushon trading dome.


Ceiling of the entrance at Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah.


Not all the buildings are in one piece.


Craft stalls in the courtyard of Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah.


Ulugh Beg Madrasah.


Toki Zargaron trading dome (large dome to right of photo). The dome and other smaller domes cover a bazaar which is the largest in the city. The dome is also referred to sometimes as “Dome of Jewellers” because of the number of jewellers trading at the location.


I wish I knew what they were chatting about.


Tim Abdulla Khan trading dome. Also know as “Tim-i Kalan” or “Great Market” was the first covered bazaar. It was, and remains, an important site for Uzbekistan’s silk fabric trade. Silk fabric and carpets are still sold here.


Fancy scissors and knives.


A classic Lada estate car in the background if I am not mistaken.


Someone’s courtyard.


Love this picture.




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