Eating well is a very important factor on the expedition and good food is vital for health and well-being so me and my fellow travellers will always strive to prepare healthy, wholesome and plentiful meals.

As a group we will be cooking a lot of meals from the kitchen on the truck. When camping, usually eat breakfast and the evening meal from the truck. Lunch stops at usually at cheap local restaurants giving the chance to taste the local fare too. When we staying in hotels/guest houses/hostels (usually in the cities) it is often impractical to cook on the truck so meals will taken at local restaurants.

When it comes to shopping and cooking the group will be divided into teams of 3 or 4 people (depending on size of the group on the expedition) who will shop for and prepare the day’s meals and clean up at the end. Depending on expedition number, I can expect to cook at least once a week.

Fresh food is generally available daily so the group will try and eat meat and vegetables for every main evening meal. Everybody will need to appreciate that you cannot cater for individual likes and dislikes.

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