Day 77



Checked in to Apple Hostel.


Kochkor to Song Kul.


Road snaking through the landscape.


This really is nomad land.


Valley deep, mountain high.


A rolling landscape for as far as the eye can see.


Dirt trail between Kochkor to Song Kul with mountains in the background.


Sew next to a wall of snow.


As I travelled higher into the mountains the colours changed to browns and greens.




Panoramic view of Song Kul lake and surrounding landscape.


Jane taking a picture of the roof of the yurt.


The roof of the yurt.




Song Kul lake surrounded by flat green land, at least until that land meets the hills and mountains.


Looking under the cloud base to the sun beaming onto the mountains in the distance.


The colours of the land, sea and sky combining to create four seasons in one photo.


I’ve made a new four legged friend.


Looks like the excitement of meeting me was to much for them.


The fuel also known as yak poo.


Separating milk.


Being self-sufficient also means working very hard.


Making bread for the deep fryer.


The Great Kyrgyzstan Bake Off.


Wonder what Mary Berry would make of my skills ?


Traditional wood fired stove.


Bread being fried.


Walla ! Ready to eat.


Local young villager offering Jane some fresh bread.


Don’t you think I am a natural ?


It’s a horse not a pony !!!


Look, one handed !


Jane and Sew on horseback being led by a local.


Untouched natural landscape.


A variety of daisy, possibly the Swan River.




Looks like a wild orchid.


Fresh milk anyone ? Pull the udder one !


The calf just checking we didn’t take all the milk.


Song Kul lake with threatening black clouds above.


Song Kul to Jeti Oguz.


Wild scrubland.


Changing colours of the landscape. Some dark green, light green, brown and then the darkened clouds.


Muralled wall.


The distinctive gates and metal artwork at an abandoned Soviet era holiday camp. The gates look like they may have been renovated at some point after the camp was closed.


The muralled outer wall of the holiday camp.


This elaborate muralled wall with sculpture above gives the impression of some sort of shrine.


And this is what it looked like before it was abandoned (photo from Google), with people standing in front of the wall.


Old ornate entrance gates.


Intricate artwork.


Another section of a a wall at the abandoned holiday camp.


Statue looking down from the hillside.


Longer section of wall at the abandoned Soviet era holiday camp.


Elaborate in design entrance.


Not much to see in the area surrounding the abandoned holiday camp.


It’s possible this holiday camp was used more for sanatorium holidays, with it’s healthy remote location.


Song Kul lake.


Song Kul lake with the hills and mountains in the distance.


White clouds rolling across the sky above the fields.


Travelling through the Jeti Oguz Valley we passed this red sandstone rock formation which is called “Broken Heart”.


Another red sandstone rock formation in the Jeti Oguz Valley.


A yurt and single storey dwelling in the valley surrounded by forestry, hills and mountains.


Must be neigh …. bours. See what I did then ?


I need a friend. Julie, will you be my friend ?


I’ll rub you back, if you’ll rub my back.


River flowing through the valley.


Fast flowing river in the Jeti Oguz Valley.


Decorative ironwork.


Spot the truck. Heres a clue, the building in the centre with a green roof is Emir Guesthouse.


This rock formation in the Jeti Oguz Valley is called “Seven Bulls”.


A view through the Jeti Oguz Valley with one of the “Seven Bulls” on the left.


Another view of “Seven Bulls” from an opposing hillside.


This is the dirt track I climbed to take the photos of “Seven Bulls”.


Selfie with “Seven Bulls” in the background.


A flock of goats grazing in the shadow of red standstone rock formation.


A variety of the Iris flower, I think.


Goats not being fussy about what they devour.





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