Day 1 – 12 Europe

So the expedition begins on the 24 March 2019 in Hammersmith, London, and after that a short ferry crossing over the English Channel and I will be in France, on the European continent and also 5 days before the United Kingdom exit the European Union.

The first 2 days are spent driving through France, Belgium and Luxembourg before arriving in Germany where I will visit the sobering WWII concentration camp of Dachau.

I will continue on to Salzburg in Austria, the birthplace of Mozart, where I have the a day to explore the beautiful city or possibly take a cable-car up a nearby mountain affording the stunning views over the Austrian Alps.

In Hungary I will start to notice a change as Western Europe begins to fade. A goulash in Budapest will be a tasty treat on a day out exploring the city’s wonderful architecture and a boat trip on the Danube River is a great way to take it all in.

In Romania I will visit Dracula’s Castle, perched high in the Transylvanian mountains before heading down to the capital Buchrest where I have the opportunity to visit the world’s second largest building – the Romanian Parliament House.

In Bulgaria I will camp near the stunning town of Veliko Tarnovo where I can visit the impressive Tsaravets Fortress before I cross over the rolling green foothills of the Balkans heading for Turkey.



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