Day 191

Visit to MONA – Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart.


Mmm … confused. Me in front of  “Hyper-kitsch Grotto” (more photos and details below).


“bit.fall” by Julius Popp – a waterfall that spells out words on the descent.


“bit.fall” by Julius Popp.


“bit.fall” by Julius Popp.


“Joy Global semi-autonomous longwall coal mining 7LS8 shearer” cardboard display by Simon Denny, part of Denny’s 2019 – 2020 “Mine” exhibition at MONA.


“Stepping Out” by Julie Rrap – the high-heeled feet represent a futuristic speculation on where genetic engineering and cosmetic surgery may lead us.


“Memorial to the Sacred Wind or The Tomb of a Kamikaze” by Jean Tinguely – once an hour it makes a deafening noise as it grinds away at itself.


“Lincoln” by Nam June Paik – man sitting down made out of old televisions.


“The acquisition of 20:50” by Richard Wilson – room-filling installation of recycled engine oil. A walkway extends from a single entrance, leading visitors into the space until they are surrounded by oil on three sides.


“The acquisition of 20:50” by Richard Wilson.


“Hyper-kitsch Grotto” by Randy Polumbo – recessed into the walls of the museum silver couches rise from the centre of the room, while the polished aluminium ceiling is adorned with pixelated images on small LED screens and bouquets of hand-blown glass dildos that pulse like iridescent glow worms.


“Hyper-kitsch Grotto” by Randy Polumbo.


Sacks of coal. Possibly connected to Simon Denny’s exhibition “Mine”.


Untitled – by Jannis Kounellis – loops of rope hanging on meat hooks. Occasionally the ropes are replaced with sides of beef.


“Snake” by Sidney Nolan – a 46-metre-long rainbow snake mural comprising of 1,620 individual paintings.


Close-up of one of the 1,620 individual paintings on the art installation.


“Snake” by Sidney Nolan.


“Fat Car” by Erwin Wurm – fat Porsche badged car.


“Fat Car” by Erwin Wurm.


“Queen” a portrait of Madonna by Candice Breitz – a thirty channel video installation of people from all walks of life singing and bopping along to Madonna hits.


“Lange Eenzame Man” by Berlinde De Bruyckere.


Part of the “Lustmond” series by Jenny Holzer – this is a photo of ink on skin.


“PXIII” by Berlinde De Bruyckere.


The sarcophagus of Iret-Heru-Ru, Egypt c.600 BCE.


“Fahrrad mit Farbe” (bicycle with paint) by Roman Signer – a bike suspended from the ceiling with the rear wheel in a paint tray and paint on the wall behind, giving the impression the bike has been ridden and the real wheel has made contact with the paint in the paint tray and splashed the wall.


“Fahrrad mit Farbe” by Roman Signer.


Antiquity on display. Appears from the linkage that this is something that would be suspended from a ceiling.


Statue on display in the gallery.


Statue on display in the gallery.


“Silent Recordings” by Patrick Hall – comprising of 78rpms, fabricated aluminium objects, plywood, aluminium, engraved glass and etching ink.


“When my heart stops beating” by Patrick Hall – comprising of manipulated vinyl records, electric motors, LED and candescent lights, MP3 players, acrylic sheet, glass, aluminium and stainless steel.


“White House” by Ai Weiwei.


Wall art installation of a black roofed building.


So I went to watch Downton Abbey tonight. Like being at home.

Until I came on this trip I didn’t think women snored. Tonight I am sharing with three young girls. Two of which are snoring like wildebeests help me God !!!


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