Day 1

Hard to believe that this day has come around so quickly since I booked this adventure tour on 16 May 2018. So i’m on my way.


Time to say goodbye to my parents. Glad they dressed up for the occasion – bless. Bit of an early start for them.



Just arrived at Hammersmith Bus Station to be met by this beast of an expedition truck.



First group pictures with my fellow travellers. After six months together i’m sure we will know alot more about each other !


……………… and then we were off.


Nice views over the Belgium countryside. Just hope the weather stay’s like this when I have to put up my tent !


First night under the stars. I think we all look like new age travellers and would easily fit in at Glastonbury.


Success – tent erected. Quite chuffed with myself that one it’s up and two it’s level.


This is my backup plan if my tent collapses – spend the night in the jacuzzi or ……….


………….. in the sauna.


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