Day 35

Bushcamp near Lake Sevan. Minus 4. Two locals turned up with vodka and bread !


The “beast” parked up. Chance to stretch the legs and take in the breathtaking panoramic views.


On the move a quick photo through the window of the “beast” at the snow capped hills and mountains.


Khortytsa platinum vodka ! Cheers ! Hic, hic, hic ….. just joking. Ukranian made, the Khortytsa brand is the best selling vodka in Eastern Europe and third in the World.


Fresh homemade bread.


The two locals mode of transport – an old Volga GAZ-24.


Haghpat Monastery.


The Haghpat Monastery.


Cross within Saint Nshan Church at Haghpat Monastery.


Gravestones in front of Saint Nshan Church at the Haghpat Monastery.


Dome of the monastery.


Light shining through the ceiling of Hamazasp House, formely a large chapel built by Father Hamazasp.


Ancient khachkar (cross stone) with Christ in Haghpat Monastery.


Gravestones on the floor of the monastery.


Gravestones on the floor of the monastery.


Inside the Haghpat Monastery complex.


Khachkars (cross stones) at Haghpat Monastery.


Just in case you are missing my smiling face today !


The bell tower at Haghpat Monastery.


Bas-relief on eastern facade of Saint Nshan Church depicting ktetors of the Haghpat Monastery.


The Haghpat Monastery bell tower with a cross on the facade.


Find the Gekko.


The Gekko has blended in with the background.


The roof tops of the monastery complex with a blue sky with light white puffy cloud backdrop.


Blossom tree in the grounds of Haghpat Monastrey.


Looking through the blossom behind the Ukanian Family mausoleum at the hills and mountains in the distance.


Looking into the Ukanian Family mausoleum with a small altar at the far end.


Mausoleum of the Ukanian Family.


 ………….. and here I am again …………


…………. and again, this time in front of Saint Nshan Church at the monastery.


The “beast” parked up by a one tree, nearly circular marked out roundabout. Stunning views and scenery beyond.




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