Day 172

Kakadu National Park – Nature and prehistoric Aboriginal rock art.


Prehistoric Aboriginal rock art. This one depicts a kangaroo with humans.


Sunlight shining through tree canopy.


Some of the rock art is easier to identify than others. This depicts an animal trampling on humans.


A winged insect.


Bird in flight.


Some of the rock art has weathered beyond recognition.




Kangaroo and a hunter with a spear.




Long neck, curved rounded-ish body and long legs. An emu ?


Could be a djembe drum with connection to the next art piece.


People dancing.


Looks like this tree root has legs.


Introduction to the Lightning Man.


The Lightning Man with an insect on the right.


The Lightning Man with an insect on the right.


A court of kangaroos.


Nourlangie Rock in Kakadu National Park.


Nourlangie Rock standing out above the trees.


Nourlangie Rock.


Green fruit of a kapok bush.


What was green fruit of a kapok bush, has dried and split to allow seeds to disperse.


An Australian raven in a tree.


View through trees looking towards the hills in the distance.


View through trees looking at land plain.


Introduction to the Rainbow Serpent.


The Rainbow Serpent.


The Rainbow Serpent.


Art on rock ridges.






On the left is a large fish, in the middle is a man with a wallaby below him.


Three fishes.


Prehistoric Aboriginal art on rugged rock shelters.


Body of a fish separated from its head.


Rock outcrops in a mix of savannah and woodland habitat.




Hand in the middle of this piece of rock art.




Water with a fish on the right with head above the surface.


Prehistoric Aboriginal rock art.


Aboriginal rock art.




Landscape of Kakadu National Park.


View from Nadab lookout on Ubirr rock formation across the Nadab flood plain.


Top of Ubirr.


People on Ubirr rock formation.


View from Nadab lookout on Ubirr.


Nadab flood plain.


A man in deep thought on Ubirr watching the sun going down.


Sun beginning to go down over Kakadu National Park.


Beautiful sunset with the sun reflecting off the Nadab flood plain.


Here’s Skippy – Kangaroo sheltering between rocks and trees.


Edith Falls and Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park.


Introduction to walking tracks at Leliyn (Edith Falls).


Waterfall in the background at the lower falls and main pool at Edith Falls.


Edith Falls lower falls.


Edith Falls is a series of cascading waterfalls and pools on the Edith River.


Waterfall and main pool at the lower falls of Edith Falls.


View of a creek in the wetlands area of Edith Falls.


Waterfalls at the upper falls of Edith Falls.


Upper falls and pool at Edith Falls.


Waterfalls at Edith Falls upper pool.


Walking track at Edith Falls.


Looking down into Katherine Gorge.


Katherine Gorge.


Katherine River.


Katherine River flowing through Katherine Gorge.


Katherine River cuts it’s way through the 30km Katherine Gorge.




Trail at Katherine Gorge.


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