Day 102

Terracotta Warriors.


Small group selfie.


Jane and I outside the Terracotta Warriors Museum also referred to as Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum.


You can never have enough photos of Jane and I.


Introduction to The Construction of Pit 1.


Western Han Dynasty terracotta warriors and horses in Pit 1.


Columns of warriors in Pit 1.


Terracotta warriors.


Warriors and horses in Pit 1. In the second row of warriors on the right is a middle-ranking officer.


Some complete warriors, whilst others are simply remnants.


Terracotta warriors.


Me and my “small” army of warriors.


Jane and I in front of the terracotta warriors.


Jane and I in front of the terracotta warriors.


A column of terracotta warriors.


Rows and columns of terracotta warriors.


Columns of warriors segregated by walls within a pit.


Rows of terracotta warriors in front of columns of warriors within a pit.


Columns of warriors segregated by walls within a pit.


Lightly-armed foot soldiers.


Partial excavation of a pit.


Partial excavation of a pit with a round circle unearthed on the left of the photo.


Partial excavation shows how the remains of the warriors were found.


Partial excavation of horses in one of the pits. The remains of the horses held with tape.


Exacavated terracotta warriors.


Excavated terracotta warriors.


Five lightly-armed foot soldiers.


Five lightly-armed foot soldiers.


Rear view of some of the terracotta warriors. The warrior front left with his hand raised to waist-height is a heavily-armed foot soldier.


Closer look at the heavily-armed foot soldier from the previous photo.


Reconstructed terracotta warriors.


Terracotta warriors being reconstructed.


A reconstructed terracotta warrior from remains recovered minus head.


Two reconstructed terracotta warriors.


In this photo taken of Pit 3, you can see what would have been heavily-armed foot soldiers.


Another angle of the heavily-armed foot soliders in Pit 3.


Remains of terracotta warriors in situ after excavation.


Photo of images of ruins of a building and door rafter, as well as remnants of a weapon and antler.


Horses in Pit 3. Since there is no combat formation in Pit 3 but only 68 warriors and one chariot, archeology experts speculate that it is very likely to be the command post for the whole army.


Horses and four middle-ranking officers (one headless) in Pit 3.


A pit being excavated.


Introduction to the Kneeling Archer.


The famous kneeling archer.


Unearthed in Pit 2 of the terracotta army.


The back of the kneeling archer.


The detail in the armour.


Altogether 160 kneeling archers were found in pit 2.


Introduction to High-ranking Officer (Generals).


One of only seven generals unearthed in the pits.


The back of the general.


Introduction to Middle-ranking Officer.


The Middle-ranking Officer.


Introduction to Cavalryman with His Saddled War-horse.


The saddled war-horse.


The cavalryman with his saddled war-horse.


The cavalryman with his saddled war-horse.


116 similar cavalrymen and their horses were found in pit 2.


Introduction to the Standing Archer.


The standing archer unearthed in pit 2.


A pit being excavated.


Photo of images of kneeling archers and a cavalryman being excavated from the pit behind.


Photo of a pit undergoing excavation work.


Small female figurine.


Incomplete terracotta cavalrymen.


Collection of small figurines.


Small figurine.


Small figurine.


Another photo of incomplete cavalrymen. Similar to mannequins we see in shops, the terracotta warriors hollow torso, solid head, arms and legs were all created separately and then assembled.


Each pit contained terracotta goods for the afterlife, including thousands of animals such as dogs, pigs, sheep and goats all formally laid out ready for slaughter.


Also found in the pits were terracotta poultry.


Bronze chariot and horses.


Bronze chariot with chariot driver and horses.


Chariot driver under a canopy on a chariot.


Chariot driver under a canopy on a chariot.


Four bronze horses pulling a bronze chariot.


Closer look at the attention to detail on the bronze horses.


Another closer look at the bronze horses.


Bronze chariot with chariot driver. Note the difference in shape and style of this chariot compared to the chariot a few photo ago.


Bronze chariot and chariot driver.


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