Day 221

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure Park.


Me putting a comforting hand on the back of a young koala.


This koala is more interested in the eucalyptus leaves.


Andy and I with a new friend.


The attention from the tourists is all to much for this koala that appears to have dozed off.


Koala in a man-made tree structure.


Looks a bit sleepy. To many eucalyptus leaves perhaps.


A chilled-out koala watching life go by.


A quoll on a log.








Andy bonding with a young kangaroo.


Andy with the young kangaroo.


A southern cassowary.


Southern cassowary.


A pacific baza, an Australian bird of prey, in a branch in an aviary.


A kookaburra.


Owl in a tree.


Rather shy bird lying down, possibly a dusty moorhen.


A pacific baza on a branch.


A dark-plumed species of owl high in a tree.


An eclectus parrot on a rope line.


A trio of tortoises.


Skippy having a good look around to see what’s going on.


As it has smooth skin this must be frog.


Green chameleon on a branch.


Young kangaroo with its “5 a day”.


Andy stroking the young kangaroo eating its “5 a day”.


Kangaroo is more interested in the food than posing with Andy.


Feeding time for this kangaroo with Andy.


A turtle and a crocodile on logs in a lagoon.


This bird on the bank of a lagoon is obviously not fearing the approaching crocodile behind.


Crocodile partially submerged.


Crocodile taking fresh meat off of a pole.


Crocodile showing exactly why you should not get to close to them.


Crocodile moving around a lagoon.


A turtle and a crocodile on logs in a lagoon.


A turtle and crocodiles.


Zoo keeper feeding a crocodile.


Zoo keeper feeding a crocodile.


Zoo keeper with a leaping crocodile.


Zoo keeper approaching a crocodile on the bank of a lagoon.


Crocodile appearing to take commands from a zoo keeper.


Zoo keeper in an open gateway in close proximity to a crocodile.


This is only type of crocodile I will be putting my head in the mouth of, a fullscale replica.


So month one of the second part of my trip has come and gone.

Arrived in Sydney on the 22nd Sept and spent the first night with Jane, Willie and Lorna. So glad we didn’t just say goodbye and be on our way on the Bridge.

Had a lovely evening with Kerrie and wore my new frock to the Sydney opera house to watch West Side story with Tim shorter. So posh!

The walk with Jane from Coogee to Bondi was cool as was my stay in Sydney.

Had a lovely farewell lunch with the other “Freedom Fighters” aka Jane, Willie and Lorna and we finally went our separate ways.

After six months together it’s the weirdest feeling being on your own. No Gayle to get you up and get you to your next destination. Time to take responsibility yourself.

First stop Melbourne. Like Sydney an easy place to get around.

Here’s a tip when travelling alone by plane volunteer to sit on the exit seats. You get more room and go on first without paying any extra!

The twelve apostles (well technically 7!) my only trip and it was a great day out. Did the usual free walking tour and watched the AFL final “parade”.

Hobart was my next stop and I loved it there. Montacute boutique bunkhouse my home for my time there was great. The first night watching wales beat Australia in the Prince of Wales surrounded by Ozzie’s was tense!

Finally some sunshine which for Hobart is rare and a day on the beach. Mount wellington was on the other hand freezing. Had a great trip to Wineglass Bay making it to the top of the lookout first! Oops nearly forgot my visit to MONA which I forgot quite quickly. It’s official I’m not a modern art lover. I can safely say Hobart is my favourite place and makes me smile thinking about it.

Adelaide however started badly. The hotel I booked in to was out of town and full of Pokies! so thank god for and Uber!

I took myself kayaking in the dolphin sanctuary which was fun plus I saw some dolphins. The Barossa valley wine tour was a highlight of my stay. No winecracks please!

Brisbane was next on the list and Bunk Brisbane my home for a few nights in an eight dorm room. I was meant to be in an all female dorm but the girl opposite me had the hairiest legs ever! Bit of a mix up with the booking obviously. But a visit to reception got me moved to the right place quickly.

Found a gym and had two sessions there which was great.

Had a lovely afternoon with Mick O’Rourke – where has the last 30 years gone! He hasn’t changed at all.

A 5:15 start the next morning was a bit of a shocker! But had a great day snorkelling and chilling on Moreton Island

The greyhound bus took me to Rainbow Beach where I had the best morning feeding a dolphin called Mistique. Tick off my bucket list.

I also had a great day on Fraser Island swimming in the clearest lake where. The sand was so pure you could use it to exfoliate your skin. The picture with sand on my legs should make sense now!

An overnight bus (go me!) saw me arrive in Airlie Beach. A really cool place with a lovely marina and open pool. Sadly this is where I learnt to my disappointment that I can’t dive in Australia. But by now you know “because I couldn’t go down I went up”

Had a great day on the Whitsundays and in particular Whitehaven Beach. Such a beautiful white sandy beach and just like the pictures.

After all the travelling and craziness of the first month I went to Mission Beach which was so chilled and stayed in the most beautiful room in Driftwood Bnb.

So my first month was full of cities and beaches and I’ve discovered I’m a beach bum at heart. Here’s to the next month and more adventures.

Stay safe xxx




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