Day 3

Today I continued my travels through Germany, visiting Dachau Concentration Camp – sobering and thought provoking, eerily quiet and peaceful.


Plaque dedicated to the liberation of the concentration camp by US armed forces.


The Memorial Wall on the roll call square.


Sculpture commemorating the evacuation marches of prisoners from the concentration camp.


Historical camp gate introduction.


The SS ordered the inmates to forge the camp gate in 1936. Its inscription, “Arbeit macht frei” (“work sets you free”). This is the original gate stolen in 2014 which was later found in 2017 under a tarpaulin . It’s been preserved and put on display within the concentration camp museum. A replica replacement gate was installed in it’s original location in 2015.


Memorial plaques in the Memorial Room of the museum.


Tribute to a concentration camp prisoner. The inscription on the plaque gives a date of 1945 and a prisoner’s number as 78653.


Embodied semiotics in concentration camp memorial.


Dark bronze sculpture by Nandor Glid depicting skeletons hanging from a barbed wire fence.


Multi-language message “Never Again” memorial wall.


Perimeter fence layout.




Reconstructed barrack introduction.


Bunk beds in the barracks.


Extract from “The Powerful and the Helpless”, prisoner’s report by Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz.


Washing stations in the barracks.


Toilet facilities.


Barracks and parade ground.


Stone marker on the parade ground. Note the kerbing separating rows. The number three refers to the barrack number.


Catholic Mortal Agony of Christ Chapel.


Bell tower at the Catholic Mortal Agony of Christ Chapel.


The Jewish memorial. The ramp that leads down represents the death ramp at Auschwitz.


Star of David with barbed wire detail on the gate at the Jewish memorial.


Inside the Jewish memorial is single strip of light coming from above. When you look up you see a small circle of sky, representing “a sign of deliverance”.


The message in the centre of the photo is “Yizkor” – translated means “Remember”.


Introduction to the Catholic Carmelite Convent.


The Catholic Carmelite Convent.


The entrance to the Catholic Carmeite Convent through a watchtower.


Memorial to Polish Priests.


The Wurm canal.


Memorial stone at the entrance to the crematorium.


Jewish memorial at the ash “Grave of Thousands Unknown.


Memorial marking pistol execution range.


Pistol range.


Christian memorial at the ash “Grave of Thousands Unknown.


Memorial stone engraved with the words “Ash Grave” at the site of cremated remains.


Crematorium ovens.


Memorial plaque commemorates the sacrifice of four women from the Special Operations Executive.


Inside of a gas chamber.


Entrance to gas chamber.


Crematorium floor plan.


Old crematorium building.


The old crematorium ovens.


Exterior of the building containing the gas chambers and the crematoria.


Russian Orthodox Chapel.


Watchtower in the distance overlooking the perimeter fence.


Tonight I arrived in Salzburg.


Tonights views from the campsite in Salzburg.

 As you can see from the above snowy pictures it is a tad cold but the scenery is amazing.


I attended a jazz session this evening with a couple of fellow travellers.


With Eirik and Chris, after a thirty minute walk we ended arrived at Jazzit Musik Club in Salzburg and listened to a Session by Olga (above) & Friends.


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