I will be travelling in a purpose-built overland vehicle for approximately 50% of the time on this expedition. A standard bus simply wouldn’t be able to tackle many of the roads I will be travelling on. For the other 50% of the time (from Beijing to Sydney) I will be travelling on local buses, boats, trains and ferries, as well as a private bus in Australia.

The overland vehicle we use is a custom-built 8×4 Scania expedition truck which can accommodate up to 40 people although most of the expeditions travel with approximately 25 people.

Comfort and safety is of course a big factor during expeditions of this length and nature so the vehicle has high-backed coach seats with safety belts. Seating on the upper level of the vehicle gives you an almost 360° view of the surrounding scenery.

The vehicle is designed to allow sufficient luggage storage and are also equipped with lockers to keep valuables safe.

The long range diesel and water tanks ensure self sufficiency in remote areas and the equipment carried is also of vital importance. In case of a breakdown the vehicle is equipped with a good selection of spare parts as well as a comprehensive tool kit to undertake any necessary repairs on our own as and when we required.

There may also be times when we get stuck in the sand or mud when travelling off road so all necessary recovery equipment such as sand mats, cables, ropes, shovels and pickaxes are also on the vehicle.

We will be spending a lot of nights around the campfire so we take along good axes and saws for the times when we have to replenish our wood supply.

The vehicle usually carries 500 litres of treated drinking water and is equipped with a good kitchen which includes all cutlery, plates, cups, pots and pans, utensils, gas cooker, BBQ grate, etc.

Comfortable fold up chairs are provided for outdoor seating and also a large tarpaulin to keep dry on those rainy days.

The vehicle has a 12V and a 240V power supply for charging personal travel equipment such as cameras, laptops, batteries, etc.

The vehcile carries solar showers and a toilet tent with for those times when we are camping without amenities.

A comprehensive first aid kit for emergencies is carried on the vehicle.

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