Day 70

Finally back on Facebook. It was banned in Tajikistan. Anyway lots of pictures to upload will do over next few days

Well month two came and went in a flash! Emotionally Month two has been a little harder with a few tears on the way. Missing people plus I’ve been a bit of a poorly. Sprained my knee quite badly in the caves in Tbilisi – still aching five weeks later but getting there. Got a chest infection which lasted two weeks thankfully you can buy anti biotics over the counter for £1.50! We all came down with deli belly and became quite used to using the “green door” facilities when travelling; a much preferred option to fly infested squat toilets.

Anyway looking back at my the last month’s pictures I am still in awe of all the places I have visited. I have seen some beautiful monasteries and buildings.

The walking tours have been great giving you an insight into the town. 
Been braver by venturing out on my own.

Georgia. The market in Kutaisi was huge and was where we bought two chickens for our cook group – Willy the butcher made a great broth from it. Not forgetting David the Builder.

The road to the border crossing at Armenia was like a roller coaster ride plus I’d never seen storks in a nest!

We arrived at the city of Yerevan and it was nice to have some shops. However the genocide memorial was sobering.

Returning to Georgia and the city of Tbilisi which is the one place so far I will return to. I loved my afternoon sitting in a little cafe eating Caesar salad and drinking a “simple wine”. A story to tell when I get back.

The military highway with all its scarey tunnels was an interesting journey also.

The mud volcanoes were the weirdest things to see – Mother Nature at her best.

Then of course there was the underground sulphur lake. I still can’t decide if smelling of eggs is better than not having a bath for three days.

The night of the big storm was interesting. How my tent survived is beyond me considering it was horizontal most of the night.

Loved Baku in Azerbaijan but didn’t get to see it enough really. The ferry crossing from Baku to Turkmenistan was epic to say the least. Surprisingly I slept ok on my three chair bed.

The trip to the gas crater was a sight to behold – it’s def what I imagined hells gate to be like.

The first “Stan” was just a white city. Can’t say much more than that really. Don’t get me wrong it’s a Pristine city but no life. We did stay in a nice hotel tho. I did see the statue I wanted to see so that’s a tick in the box.

The second “Stan” Uzbekistan well it couldn’t be more different. Khiva with its walled city and beautiful buildings. Bukhara a bit more spread out with less to see but I will remember it for going on my own walking tour.

Finally Samarkand with the most incredible buildings I’ve seen so far. Made of Mosaic or tiles and some interiors of gold.

That was a hard act to follow. The third “Stan” Tajikistan couldn’t compete when it’s main attraction was the largest flagpole in the world!

However we had four nights in a Nice hostel. A day I will never forget driving off road in a Opel cadet to see a dam – hilarious. A story for when I am back. A days pampering for me although the body scrub was like being washed with a grater!!!

Anyway more “Stans” to come. Hope you’re enjoying the pictures as much as I am taking them.

Keep safe everyone. Sent with love xxx




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