Day 137

The Fairy Stream in Mui Ne.


Entrance to the Fairy Stream – where the desert meets the jungle.


The Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien).


Small stalls on the banks of the stream.


Dragon made out of old tyres and wood.


Flowers growing on the banks of the stream.


The attraction did have “stream” in the name.


This could be anywhere in the UK.


Bit murky.


Prone to a landslide.


Some greenery.


Now I think I can see why people visit this stream which runs through a gorge.


Visitors walking along the stream – desert on the left and jungle on the right.


The combination of colours in the sand and rock formations.


The sand and rock being eroded by the weather.


The grooves in the sand and rock caused by water flowing naturally down the incline.


Stream has nearly dried up at this point.


The red sands in the rock formations turning the Fairy Stream red.

Had the weather been slightly more kinder then the colours of the sand, rocks and water would have been more vivid, which is what gives this location the magical feel and attracts visitors.


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