Day 183

I’m in Sydney !!!


Sydney Harbour Bridge.


We’ve come along way.


Day 1 six months ago.


27 countries in six months.


Not all the group that started the six month Madventure completed the trip but here is those that did. We made it !


G’Day from Sydney.

So do I look healthy and well ? I Think so !


Jane, Lorna and I with the Sydney Opera House in background.


Will, Jane, Lorna and I.


So month six has come and gone. I can’t quite believe it. For me it’s gone so quickly but I know for those at home it hasn’t.

Georgetown was our first stop after the relaxation of Ko Samui. What an interesting place full of street art.

Had my first cup of tea where when I asked for tea with milk on the side they didn’t look at me as if I was an alien.

Found a great coffee house where you went through a fridge door to sit down. Bizarre.

Had a sip of cope lewak coffee, odd to think it’s made after a civet has eaten the beans and shit them out. If you’ve watched The Bucket List you’ll be thinking of Morgan Freeman and laughing now.

Kuala Lumpur was our next stop. What a difference to 12 years ago It’s So built up. It’s lost it’s character.

Malacca was such a contrast so many quirky buildings and lovely streets. Had lunch in a local restaurant and met two lovely gentlemen who told us lots about their town.

Had a tattoo in the night market. Ok it was only henna and it disappeared after a week but it was cool and who knows….

Next stop Singapore and a lovely couple of days with Ryan and Nikky. It was strange to see someone from home and I got a bit tearful when I said goodbye.

Singapore’s a great city and I’d like to go back one day. All the street hawker food was great. Plus I ate chicken and rice in a Michelin star restaurant. I know get me!!!

We then got on a plane!!! Our next stop was Yogyakarta. What a fun place.

Borobudur a Buddhist temple and Prambanan a Hindu temple where the cultural highlights but the square at night with all the brightly decorated peddle cars made you smile. Plus going around the water castle and back streets on the last morning was a real treat.

Gayle took us to a hidden gem for dinner. So two nights of great food and I succumbed to some good wine.

An almost 24 hour road trip found us in Bali at 5am. Not the tropical paradise I imagined. It was like Benidorm but swap the Brits for Australians. Sadly not a lot to say about Bali although we did a nice trip seeing more temples and more cope lewak.

A second flight took us to Australia and our last 13 days.

Got a great surprise at the airport Mick who had to leave us in Almaty because he’d got a DVT rejoined us for our Oz trip.

We went to our first real supermarket in months and it was so good to see food we recognised! They have Woolworths here but it’s a supermarket!!

Our next Drive day took us to Kakadu National Park and three walks which was nice as we hadn’t done much walking and Its my only form of exercise unless I find a gym. I’ve enjoyed it tho and am much fitter. Don’t worry I’m not going to become a rambler!

We watched a great sunset at Ubirr Rock Site on the way and Ranger Luke gave us a great insight into the stories behind the drawings and culture of the tribe who owned the land.

The next day found us in Katherine Gorge and a lovely walk to the look out point.

The mosquitos have been replaced by flies. OMG they are so annoying. Was even tempted to get one of the hair nets!

Two hot springs the next day was a welcome relief from the heat and the surroundings were lovely.

Although I have to admit to having a little freak out when the sign read no swimming between 7pm and 7am due to crocodiles!

We stayed at a quirky place called Daly Waters. The pub was packed full of stuff left behind by visitors. Was tempted to leave a bra but need it still!

Whilst we were there Willie text his niece to arrange meeting her in Sydney. She replied that she wasn’t there. Unbelievably she working down the road in the other pub!!!

Devils marbles was our next drive stop and walk around. Huge stones some, in the shape of yep marbles. My cheeky child posted that she was glad I found my marbles at last!!!

We had picture stop at the Tropic of Capricorn and Alice Springs sign before heading in to the town.

Visited the really interesting telegraph station – yes it was honestly.

Read some disturbing history of the Australian government took half caste children away from their mother. Some never seeing each other again.

Well the next day for me was what Alice springs was about Uluru or Ayers Rock. Incredibly the journey there was over 500km! Just shows you how big Australia is. We hardly saw anyone on the way.

Uluru was spectacular from a distance it’s so smooth and flat but close up its got full of ridges and holes.

Although it’s still possible to walk up to the top the route is being closed at the end of October as a mark of respect. It was a personal choice if you wanted to walk up to the top. None of us did. But there were a few who did and as usual there were a few idiots wearing flip flops! The rangers had to rescue some that day and on average 35 people died there a year.

The sunset was beautiful. Watching Uluru change colour as the sunset was great.

Our trip to roadhouse was eventful to say the least . A roo appeared near us only to change it’s mind. Unfortunately it hit the second car. OMG the damage!!! All ok in the car not sure we can say the same for skippy tho.

Our next step was Coober Pedy and Radeka underground hostel. Well i went down to our dungeon freaked out and booked a different room. Find the video post.

Next day we went to a kangaroo sanctuary – no the Roo we hit wasn’t there! We fed them with wasabi beans (who knew) and got to see a baby too. So cute.

I treated myself to an original artwork signed by the artist.

Had a drive through the Breakaways which were lovely, bit like the Rainbow Mountains in China.

Two long drive days got us to Katoomba and the beautiful Blue Mountains. The skywalk through the rainforest was so peaceful.

We went to Aunty Ed’s for our last meal together. It was fun reminiscing about things that had happened on the trip. Things we had forgotten. Things that made us laugh.

Well that’s it six months of my life I will never forget. Here’s to the next 3½ and more fantastic memories.

Take care and keep safe.

Julie xxx


Please follow my blog as I continue my travels over the next 3½ months before arriving back in London on 4th January 2020.

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