Day 155

Some photos from my time in Bangkok – Wat Pho Temple.


A row of seated golden Buddha statues at Wat Pho Temple.


Gold statue on a chedi (Thai stupa).


A closer look at one of the seated Buddha’s in a row with others.


Facade and detail on the roof of one of the temple buildings.


Decorative lighting.


Buddhist Monk praying.


Seated Buddhist Monks.


Temple roof detail.


One of the seated Buddha’s in a row with others.


A close look at the detail of the stone cushion forming part of the seated Buddha statue.


Entrance to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Exhibition Building.


The text reads “The custom of slavery as practiced in the Kingdom of Siam, albeit being a system of slavery by voluntary certification, not involuntary slavery which is an act of brutal violation and oppression against one’s will, yet constitutes a real obstacle to the progress, benefits and happiness of the masses. This evil practice must be rooted out, and good ridance for the kingdom too. Only then will Siam rise to the same level as other nations.” – Advice by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).


Architectural detail on Wat Pho Temple. The curling pointed extensions on the roof ridges are called chofas representing Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu.


One of two stone statue’s of a Chinese warriors acting as guardians flanking an entrance at Wat Pho Temple.


One of two stone statue’s of Chinese warriors guarding an entrance at the temple.


The other stone Chinese warrior guardian flanking the entrance.


Statues of Buddha’s decorated with gold leaf offerings by devotees.


Stone warrior statues stand guard at a gated entrance to Wat Pho Temple.


Closer look at the gold leaf adorning the Buddha statues.


Gold leaf adorning a Buddha statue distorting its form.


Head of the reclining giant golden Buddha statue at Wat Pho Temple.


Head of the reclining giant golden Buddha.


Mini reclining Buddha on plinth next to the giant golden Buddha.


Giant golden reclining Buddha.


Selfie in front of the reclining golden Buddha at Wat Pho Temple.


Feet of the golden reclining Buddha.


Full length of the giant reclining Buddha.


Close up of the reclining Buddha’s giant toes.


There are 108 auspicious Buddha figures inlaid made from mother of pearl on the sole of the reclining Buddha’s feet.


Closer look at one of the inlaid figure’s made from mother of pearl on the sole of the reclinging Buddha’s feet.


Another mother of pearl inlaid figure on the Buddha’s feet depicting a pagoda.


Devotees seeking blessings or good fortunes drop coins in large offertory pots.


Painting with religious scenes on the wall of Wat Pho Temple.


Wall painting.


Ornate chedis in the temple grounds.


Visitors admiring the decorative chedis.


Closer look at the structure and detail of a chedi.


Bye bye Ko Samui. Great four days of sunshine (at last) and relaxation. 6:30am pick up and off to Malaysia.


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