Day 36



Lights lighting up the city at night and reflecting the scene onto the river.


An arched stone bridge over the waterfall in the National Botanical Gardens of Georgia in Tbilisi, constructed in 1914.


Narikala Fortess overlooking old Tbilisi.


Cable car travelling  between Rike Park and Narikala Fortress above old Tbilisi.


Looking down the Kura River at the Bridge of Peace.


The Metekhi Church currently undergoing restoration.


The Metekhi Church located on a cliff overlooking the Kura River.


Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali with Narikala Fortess in the background.


The metallic sculpture “The Tree of Life” in Rike Park.


Sculpture of a dog which is tied by a chain to a park bench, all of which is made out of recycled metal in Rike Park.


Hannah and I complete with our new found four legged metal friend.


Hannh, Sew and I.


The Bridge of Peace consists a steel and glass construction.


The Bridge of Peace over the Kura River.


The Bridge of Peace is bow-shaped.


An old barge on the Kura River.


These glass and steel tubes form the Tbilisi Music Theatre and Concert Hall by Studio Fuksas. The Presidential Palace in the background.


Entrance to Patriarchate of Georgia, official residence of Catholicos–Patriarch or head of the Georgian Orthodox Church.


A view of the outside at Kafe Leila.


Spiral stairs in old Tbilisi.


Crooked clock tower by Rezo Gabriadze next to marionette theatre. The tower is also referred to as the Leaning Clock Tower or the Leaning Tower of Tbilisi.


The mannequin of an angel appears every hour to strike the bell on the hour. Below the clock face at 12:00pm and 19:00pm, a screen opens and shows the “Circle of life” automation – boy meets girl, marriage, childbirth and funeral.


Mural of old Tbilisi on a residential property.


Mosaics above the entrance to Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition.


Sunlight shining through the windows of the painted dome of Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition.


The throne for the Georgian patriarch, decorated with carved grifons and patterns in Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition.


Murals and frescos decorate the interior of Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition.


Flowers in square near Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition.


Bell tower of Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition.


Dome of Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition.


An old tram converted into an ice cream stand.


Statue of Georgian toastmaster called Tamada.


Eirik sitting on Tamada.


Will sitting on Tamada.


A street sculpture in a pedestrian thoroughfare lined with cafes, bars and restaurants. Judging by the shiny head on the sculpture it has been rubbed and touched a lot.


Hannah and Kiki posing with the sculpture.


The old sulphur baths on the left and Jumah Mosque on the right separated by a stream.


Building close to the old sulphur baths and Jumah Mosque, an area known for colorful balconies and roofs.


Facade of Jumah Mosque. Also referred to as the Blue Mosque.


The Presidential Palace in Tbilisi.


Looking down a path towards the Kura River and the Metekhi Bridge.


Looking across old Tbilisi towards Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali.


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